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Why is my tongue greenish yellow?

Surely you are used to seeing your tongue reddish-pink, whose texture is smooth, so it is normal for you to be alarmed if you notice that it changes color. However, the mouth can reflect the general state of health of your body, so any change in it could indicate an infection or another problem. In the case of the tongue, it can change its color and appearance for various reasons, although it does not always mean that there is a pathology.

One of the strangest colors that the tongue can present is a greenish tone. So keep reading if you ask yourself, “Why is my tongue greenish yellow?” Since in this article, we explain why it is and the possible existing treatments to combat this problem.

Why is my tongue greenish yellow?

There are a variety of causes why your tongue can turn green or a greenish yellowish tone, and they must be taken into account to end the problem as soon as possible. The most frequent causes are the following:

Oral candidiasis.

Hairy tongue.

Badly healed tongue piercing.

Other causes: eating foods with chlorophyll or green dye, upper respiratory infection or some liver problems.

Why do I have a green tongue: oral yeast infection?

Oral candidiasis is one of the most common causes for which you can see a green tongue and is due to infections caused by fungi. This condition is considered to be of the opportunistic type. That is, it attacks your body when its immune system is weak, although it also occurs in people who have been using a poorly fitted prosthesis or for a long period. This problem usually produces a white tongue, but if it becomes superinfected by bacteria or uses antifungals and antibiotics, it can turn a green tone.

Other symptoms of oral or oral candidiasis when you have this condition are: bad breath, burning sensation, pain when eating spicy and general discomfort.

Treating yeast infections is often about ending the infection by applying antifungal medications topically. With this and a proper diet and hydration, the problem usually disappears in a short time.

Hairy tongue

The tongue is made up of filiform papillae, thanks to which we notice different flavors, and it is normal for these to come off the tongue at more or less regular intervals of time, just like the natural peeling of the skin. However, there are cases where this detachment does not occur regularly and, consequently, the papillae lengthen, grow and the tips can darken. Also, people who suffer from elongated papillae are at higher risk for bacterial infections.

This excessive growth causes the tongue to darken, and a brown or brown tongue can be seen, yellow or somewhat greenish in the center at the edges and, finally, it can become almost black. If you see that there is an intense yellow or green color in any part of the darkened tongue, it may be due to an infection.

The causes of the black, hairy or hairy tongue can be many, but, above all, it occurs when there is a moment of very high stress (which produces a sudden increase in some hormones) and, just as more gray hair can suddenly appear in a specific area of ​​hair due to a great shock or sudden stress, this problem can occur on the tongue. Other causes can be very poor oral hygiene, excessive tobacco consumption along with poor hygiene or the abuse of very strong mouthwashes.

The green color on the tongue due to infection in the piercing

A tongue piercing is a source of infections because there has been a wound through which, if the injury is not properly cared for until it heals, bacteria or any pathogen capable of causing an infection can penetrate. So you have any wound in the mouth and it becomes infected, a yellowish or green color can also appear on the tongue, which indicates that there is pus in the wound. You will notice other symptoms if your tongue piercing has become infected are a pain in the area and a very bad taste in your mouth.

Other causes of green tongue

There are other less frequent causes or that have not been proven, but it is suspected that due to them, your tongue may turn green.

Some foods with chlorophyll can leave this color on your tongue, but don’t worry, as this will disappear over time as you drink and eat more.

When there is an upper respiratory infection affecting the throat and mucus, the tongue may have a slightly green hue.

It can also be due to a problem with liver function. When bilirubin increases, the tongue may appear yellowish or, less commonly, greenish. In addition, the mucous membranes, the whites of the eyes and skin turn yellowish.

Remember to have correct oral hygiene and not only your teeth but also your tongue. Also, do not hesitate to go to the doctor whenever you think it is minimally necessary or have doubts. Of course, if you see a very yellow or somewhat greenish tone (or even another color change, such as a brown or brown tone) on your tongue, do not hesitate to go to the doctor. Once I give you a diagnosis and a treatment, make sure you follow it correctly.

Things to do in Pucon in summer: 10 must-see panoramas

Wanting to travel to the south of Chile this summer? Here are the best places and panoramas to do in Pucón and make the most of this incredible city.

1. Caburga’s eyes

Crystal blue lake with waterfalls in pucón is one place where everything stops giving rhythm to nature and its calming cadence. With various waterfalls surrounded by native forest, knowing this place is one of the best views if you want to relax with nature. In Denomades, we include a visit to the the area, where we also visit other attractions of Pucón such as the Quelhue viewpoint and the Saltos Del Marimán.

How to get to the Caburga: From Pucón, you must take the road to Caburgua for 18 kilometers. The stop is called the Christ and you must turn left, 2 kilometers further on are the Caburga.

2. Hot springs in nature

Person bathing in hot springs in the middle of the pucón forestOne of the things you must do in Pucón visits one of its hot springs. The best known are the famous Termas Geométricas, with its elegant red walkways surrounded by forest. We also recommend visiting the Huife and Rincón hot springs, which appear in this photograph, where their jars have an amazing view of a large waterfall. Check out our article on the 5 best hot springs in Pucón to learn more.

3. Huerquehue National Park

River in the middle of the forest in southern ChileOne of the most beautiful National Parks in Chile is Huerquehue. Of mountainous relief, various hills and streams enclose numerous lakes and lagoons with crystalline waters. Like many other corners of Araucanía, Huerquehue is characterized by ancient araucarias that are currently in danger of extinction. Check out our Trekking through the Huerquehue National Park, including transportation and entrance ticket to the park.

How to get to Huerquehue National Park: From Pucón, you must take the road towards Lake Caburgua. After 21 km, you take the detour to the right along route S-911. 7 km further on is the detour to the S-975 route and 7 km on is the entrance to the park.

4. Villarica Volcano

Group of travelers in crater volcan villarrica in pucónThe Villarrica Volcano stands imposingly on the landscape of Lake Villarrica and Araucanía. For many, this is the best excursion you can do in Pucón, and when you reach its crater, you can see one of the most spectacular views of southern Chile, being able to see eight imposing volcanoes around you. In Denomades, our ascent to the Villarrica volcano includes transportation, an expert guide, an entrance ticket to the park, and all the mountain equipment you need to climb the mountain.

How to get to the Villarrica Volcano: To make this ascent, you must do it with a tourist agency.

5. Conguillío National Park

The Conguillío National Park has landscapes that seem taken from a dream. The place is part of the ancestral land of the Mapuches, and the eternal power of nature is felt here like in very few other places. In Denomades, you can book our Transfer to Conguillío National Park, where you will have the freedom to trek on your own through landscapes formed by the lava tongues of ancient eruptions and the forest trees.

How to get to Conguillío National Park: From Pucón, you must go to Villarrica and take the road towards Choroico. Eventually, you will join the S-61 route which will take you to Melipeuco. In Melipeuco, you will find the appropriate signs to get to the Conguillío.

6. Licura River

Trees and crystal clear river in pucónOur cover photo! If you are a fan of fishing or bird watching, this place is for you. The tranquility and cleanliness of the Licura River allow amazing visibility, perfect for floating in its waters for hours. Check out our Bird Watching tour, learn to do Fly Fishing or our Family Float, in which you will descend the river surrounded by native forest and typical fauna of the area.

How to get to the Licura River: To get to the Licura River, you must take the route from Pucón to Caburga. Before Quetroleufu, you must take the detour to the right in the direction of the Huife Hot Springs. 20 minutes further, you will be bordering the Licura River.

7. Jumping the Lion

The great waterfall that descends through a ravine in PucónOne of the most beautiful waterfalls not only in Pucón but in Chile, Salto El León has a fall of more than 90 meters in height. If you like the idea of ​​feeling the power of water, the adrenaline rush of being near a waterfall as impressive as this one will generate unforgettable memories in your life.

How to get to Salto el León: From Pucón, you must take the international road until you reach the crossing that leads to Curarrehue or Mamuil Malal border crossing. You must follow the route until the entrance of Palguin. Take a detour to the right and continue along a gravel road for about 10km to reach the waterfall.

8. Rafting the Trancura River

People doing rafting in the middle of the river in PucónAdventure fanatic? Pucón is one of the best destinations for rafting in southern Chile, with the Trancura River offering rapids of various difficulties perfect for the family or more experienced people. Check out our rafting through Trancura Alto, with class IV and V rapids, and our rafting through Trancura Bajo, with class III rapids.

How to get to the Trancura River: To do rafting, you must hire service from the agencies that are in Pucón.

9. Volcanic Caves of Villarrica

People in a cave inside puconOne of the most overlooked places in Pucón are the volcanic caves at the foot of the Villarrica Volcano. These are colossal vaults with different types of lava and minerals that have remained underground due to the eruptions. On our Tour to the Volcanic Caves, we also visit a spectacular suspension bridge. We will see one of the main rivers of lava and lahars (volcanic material) that descend from the volcano’s crater along with the beginning of the native forest.

How to get to the Volcanic Caves: From Pucón, you must go in the direction of the volcano. At km 9 is the entrance to the National Park, and immediately after, you must take the path to the left marked “Volcanic Caves.” The route continues climbing through scoria and forests for another 4 km until it reaches the parking lot where the Cuevas Volcánicas site is located.

10. El Cañi Sanctuary

Trees reflected in the lagoon in pucónEl Cañi Sanctuary are among the main places of protection for araucarias or pewén. Its mountains offer views of breathtaking beauty, which makes it one of the must-see panoramas to do in Pucón.

How to get to the El Cañi Sanctuary: If you want to get there on your own, the Sanctuary is located in the town of Pictures. It is 21 km from Pucón taking the road to the Huife Hot Springs. The road is paved and takes about half an hour to reach the reserve.

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Small bedroom decorating ideas on a budget

Do you know what the center of attention in a house is? In the living room, there we meet with the family and receive friends for social sharing; therefore, it must be a comfortable, pleasant, and multifunctional space; that expresses the style and personality of the host.

Why do I have pink discharge before period?

Vaginal discharge is a lubricating and protective liquid produced naturally by glands located in the female intimate area. This can be watery or thicker depending on the time of the menstrual cycle or if you suffer from any pathology and, likewise, not only its consistency can change in these cases but its color and texture also do so. Thus, some slight changes or when it is menstruation there is nothing to worry about, but when the changes are important it is normal to worry. It is necessary to inform yourself well and go to the gynecologist since it may be due to a health problem.

Oriental decorating ideas: How to decorate rooms?

When one is seduced by oriental philosophy, reflections of that seduction begin to be seen throughout the family environment. At home, in your clothing, even in the way you speak, eat and express yourself, relationships can begin to be established from this process of falling in love that arises with Eastern philosophy. His mysticism, ancestry, the incognito that accompanies all his customs, the unveiling layer by layer each of his precepts or protocols of life and behavior can be truly dazzling.

How to use Oriental decorating ideas?

It is one of the most ancient of all customs and cultures. In fact, it is known as one of the oldest preceded by the Hindu. Eastern philosophy has some characteristics different from the rest. And it transverses it to all the axes of the life of those who practice it. Based on the precepts of the Tao as a guide and settlement, many edges of the same art can be seen.

Prevalence of manual art, art on paper and wood, painting, and writing mark a decorative milestone. It is one of the few cultures where its writing characters have been considered by themselves, objects, or decorative elements per set.

And everything is because, in character, the symbolism of a phrase or a complete action can be collected. Hence, many times on a wall, the character symbolizes love, family, money, or prosperity. That is why the characters or drawings that emerge from the oriental writing on these concepts can be used on a corridor, living room, or dining room wall as a central decorative element.


The shades of the oriental style can be very earthy. Green, yellow, gold, even orange or red colors can be trends in oriental style decorations. However, depending on the areas you want to represent in the decoration, there may be considerable variations. It is a fact that Chinese tableware is characteristically white or with blue hand-painted and carvings. This is due to the Dynasties that ruled the time of the heyday of porcelain.

Even as an oriental decoration a little in the minimalist style, you can find space between red, white and black. Representative of the ninjas and a subculture of war and revolution in China and the East. And in decoration, its use is also valid according to the conditions and styles that the owner wishes to print in that space.


Certain objects are typical of the oriental style. However, despite being objects that in other styles can also be representative, they are decisive in conceiving the oriental style.

Vases are essential. Everything in oriental culture is oriented towards the projection of porcelain works of art. Therefore large vases are typical of this culture, its conception and its start as culture and dissemination in homes and places of collective coexistence.

Another fundamental element is the paper lamps, which can be round in the shape of an umbrella. With rice paper, finely decorated, they can be a decorative element that distinguishes itself from any other. And without any other added element, they can make a space change in an oriental way.

The placement of carved or carved sliding doors is another distinctive element of Eastern culture. They serve to separate spaces or to highlight them as in dining rooms or game and entertainment rooms. So you can incorporate this type of sliding doors to expand the useful field of certain rooms or spaces.

An undoubted decorative element in oriental culture is the pictures, preferably framed in the dark, carved wood. Some are even made of rice paper or porcelain embedded in the frame. So you will always see some of these in favorite spaces such as restaurants or offices related to this type of culture.

The images on tables and in corners have to do with mother Kwan Yin, or even with other figures such as Buddha as a spiritual icon of this philosophy. There are thousands of ways to have one of these images at home, lamps on bedside tables, corner figurines and highly decorative elements such as centerpieces.

Suppose you decide to decorate for a special occasion, such as the reception and celebration of the Chinese Year, as the predominant colors are red and gold. Always, the custom of celebrating it with a large number of colors and lamps around the space of the celebration is maintained.

At the level of decoration with plants, without hesitation, bamboos are the plants of choice for this type of decoration, whether they are large or small, kinky or not, in bunches or alone, bamboos give an oriental touch to the entire space. Whether in vases with water or in pots, Chinese bamboos can have a very relaxing and integrated effect on space. They are of little attention, very resistant and adaptable, so you can rest assured that life will not take your care or attention, but what is certain is that you can use them from spaces such as bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, hallways rooms and terraces.

How to track a car with gps for free?

In recent years, technology has made great strides: from your computer or smartphone, we can solve problems that once would have seemed unsolvable in a few moments and with disarming simplicity. Who in the course of their life has never forgotten where their car was parked? A few years ago, such a mishap would inevitably have forced us to wander around endless parking lots and floors that appear to be almost all the same for several tens of minutes.

How to tell if a gemstone is real at home?

Recognizing fake stones is a necessity that can happen in life on several occasions. We can buy jewels or choose coatings or other types of furnishings such as marble. In these cases, the scam is always around the corner. A dishonest seller knows many techniques to persuade the customer to buy seemingly real stones. Often this expense is linked to the emotions of the object. The feeling is likely to focus attention more on aesthetics than on the quality of the stone. So it is useful to know how to tell if a gemstone is real at home, to avoid the so-called “scams”.

How to delegate work to employees?

Delegate: what is it? It is to transfer responsibilities that a person of authority has had and, for various situations, sometimes from time to time, assign them to others. To achieve this effectively, know some tips on how to delegate work to employees. On the other hand, delegating means trusting the other person’s capabilities or your work team, who will competently perform the assigned tasks?

How to clean between teeth?

To keep your mouth in perfect condition, you must carry out good oral hygiene daily. Keeping teeth and gums clean, strong, and healthy is essential to maintaining good oral and overall health. But did you know that teeth have up to 5 surfaces? They all need cleaning!