The other night I had my three closest girlfriends over.

While we normally hang out and go for brunch, this hang out was to connect with ourselves and one another on a deeper level. We felt all the feelings and cried all of the tears.

As I sat across from my sisters, I simply witnessed them crying.

There was something seriously fucking magical about it…It was beautiful. And emotional. And heart wrenching. And powerful.

As the tears streamed down our faces, I admired the strength I saw in our vulnerability. While our friendship is relatively new, this wasn’t the first time we gathered and connected in this way. Come to think about it, our entire friendship has been rooted in our desires to accept ourselves exactly as we are.

Observing our friendship in this way connected me with my truth.

For years Way of Gray was a wellness website and channel where you could come to get inspired to workout. My desperate need for acceptance took me down a path that allowed me to build a large following.

I am so grateful for this period in my life, but the time for fitness tips and recipes has come to an end. These things are important, and something I still encourage you to engage in, but it’s time for Way of Gray to fully step into its truth. It’s time for me to come out from behind the name, and embrace myself, as Sophie Gray.

This channel is about accepting the sh*t out of yourself.

It’s about connecting with yourself and learning to love all aspects of who you are.

It’s about having the strength to cry without needing to wipe your tears away.

It’s about uncovering your truth and having the courage to stand in it.

This channel is about knowing you’re awesome exactly as you are.

It’s for you, and me, and every woman on this earth who has ever felt as though she wasn’t good enough.

It’s for the shame we feel when we experience a swing in our emotions. It’s for every time we’ve been called ‘a bitch’, or ‘emotional’ or judged for the way we look. It’s for the humiliation we experienced the first time our period blood stained through our underwear and onto our pants. It’s for all that time we’ve spent staring hopelessly at pictures of beautiful women, feeling uncomfortable in our own skin. It’s for the war we’re waging on ourselves for not being enough.

This website and my social media channels are about my life as I navigate the waters of ruthlessly celebrating me and my truth. It’s a space where you can come to learn how to accept yourself and surround yourself with an incredible community who’s doing the same.

You can sit with us, and we would love you to.

This channel is about turning inwards and facing ourselves, in our truth.

Is that something you can get on board with??