Between the wedding, DiveThru launching, my sister’s engagement, my new niece (with another bundle of joy on the way), and the SophieThinksThoughts podcast, these last few months have been busy. With all the busyness, I haven’t taken the time to really reflect on the fact that I have been a married women for 3 months! To be honest, I haven’t even taken the time to look through our wedding photos, even though I got them at the end of September.

Since we recently started to ramp up the planning for my sister’s wedding (who got engaged a week after the wedding), I took some time have reflected on some of the decisions we made for ours. There isn’t a single thing (other than the time of the ceremony) that I’d change about our wedding.

How awesome is that?!

Throughout the entire planning process, Riley and I were on the same page. We didn’t have a disagreement once. We really wanted to create a day that reflected us, and I think we nailed it.

Here are some of the decisions I absolutely love that we made:

Small Intimate Ceremony With Only Our Immediate Family

After only a couple of days (yes, DAYS) of dating, Riley and I were already planning our wedding. We had discussed doing an elopement, but I knew my parents would be crushed. We decided on doing a small intimate wedding before the ring was even on my finger. I always wondered if I’d change my mind when the day came, but I didn’t. From the get-go, we knew we only wanted to share the ceremony with our immediate family.

While we have beautiful friendships, we both agreed that no one would care as much about the vows as our parents and siblings. With my family being in Scotland, and Riley’s grandparents were unable to attend, it worked out perfectly to keep things smalls.

Our ceremony ended up being 12 people in total. Me, Riley, my parents, Riley’s parents, my sisters and their significant others and Riley’s brother and significant other.

We often talk about the unique relationship we have with our siblings and their partners. I know Riley’s brother’s wife isn’t technically my sister-in-law, but I often refer to her as if she was. Honestly, she feels more like a sister to me. Riley’s the same age as my oldest sister and had known her for a decade before we started dating. He also works in hospitality, and so does my middle sister and her soon to be husband. They ran around in the same circles for years. Riley’s brother and my sister’s husband also knew each other from school. Riley’s brother also now occasionally works alongside my sister’s soon to be husband. To paint a further picture: this last year, we had an Easter Dinner with the siblings, significant others and THEIR siblings. I guess what I’m getting at is… we close.

Having a small ceremony as we did was perfect for the type of couple Riley, and I are. We aren’t touchy-feely people. While we say I love you regularly, we don’t talk about our feelings. I cried during my sister’s entire wedding, so I knew I’d be the same way for my own – and I was. I cried throughout the whole of the ceremony (which was only 15 minutes), and Riley kept eye contact with me the entire time. Looking back, I don’t think I would have been as comfortable showing that vulnerability if people other than my family had been there.

While the ceremony itself was quite relaxed, it really hit me when we were walking down the nonexistent isle. Love just washed over me. In that moment, there was no one I’d rather have there. It was me, the love of my life and the most important people in my life. How beautiful?

The only thing that would have made it better was if Rio and Biggie were by our sides.

Customized Socks For The Groomsmen

It’s common practice for the bridal party to get gifts for their bridal party. While we weren’t doing the typical wedding things, we did want to get something for everyone. I kept things casual by getting everyone robes for getting ready, but we really knocked it out of the park with the gift for the men.

We got custom socks made. Riley had a picture of Rio and Biggie. My sister’s husband got ones with their three cats on it. Riley’s brother got one with their dog on it, and my other sister’s soon to be husband got a picture with his beloved family dog.

Best of all, we got matching socks for both Dads.. with mine and Riley’s face on them. It was hilarious.

I loved this gift because it will be a lasting one that we can all look back on whenever we see the socks. I love taking Riley’s socks out of the dryer as it’s a beautiful reminder of the wedding.

Matching Outfits For Everyone

As I mentioned, we kept the ceremony small. Since everyone would be standing, we decided to have the Mums and Dads wearing the same outfits as the siblings/siblings-in-law.

My mind loves things when they match, so aesthetically, it looked perfect. But, it signified so much more.

Riley and I both have incredibly close relationships with our parents. When Riley and I first met, he told me how his parents were more like his friends. Being the baby of the family, I had a unique relationship with my parents. My sisters had moved out, and I was the last one. I also struggled with friends growing up and really turned to my parents.

While the photos looked great with everyone matching, it painted such a beautiful picture of the closeness of our family.

Late Night Party

Even though I don’t drink, I love to party. Riley does, too. Since we were having a private ceremony in the mountains, we decided to have a large party back home.

It. Was. The. Best. Time. Ever.

It was a wild and incredible night. Ugh, even writing this now… Wow, we had such a fantastic time.

We asked guests to arrive for 8:30 and let everyone know it wasn’t going to follow the typical wedding reception schedule. We had appetizers, but there was no dinner or formal seating. From day one, Riley has talked about not loving the dynamic of traditional weddings where you don’t get to talk to all of your guests. He also doesn’t like how you often only speak to the people at your table. For that reason, we wanted to create a fun, relaxed atmosphere where people could party.

And, party we did.

Someone may or may not have slashed open their hand and bled all over the dance floor. I may or may not have rapped all of the words to Brad Pitt’s Cousin. Riley and I may or may not have taken the mics and sang every word of Bohemian Rhapsody.

All of those things happened, and many more, and it was perfect.

Cookies (Not Cake)

If you know anything about me, then you know I love cookies. You could say I eat one every day (I do). For that reason, I knew I didn’t want a wedding cake, I wanted a cookie buffet. It. Was. Perfect.

We custom ordered 400 cookies from Confetti Sweet in Edmonton, and it was perfect. The restaurant that hosted the dinner displayed them on a beautiful rustic crate.

The best part? There were leftovers. We have kept them in the freezer and still regularly have some. It’s the perfect way to be reminded of the wedding.

Throughout the planning process, we continually looked to find a balance between creating an experience that reflected us as a couple and did right by our family. All in all, I am so happy with the decisions we made and wouldn’t have done it any other way.

I guess the next steps are actually to look at the wedding photos, hey?

I’d love to hear from you… What unique wedding choices did you make? Share below!