Top ten kitchen decoration ideas

kitchen decoration ideas

Top ten kitchen decoration ideas

Do you dream of kitchen decoration? Now is the time to choose your style: vintage, contemporary, classic, or with a sophisticated design. You will surely match these environments.

The kitchen fulfills different functions. On the one hand, it is used for cooking and preserving food, but it is also a meeting place for the home. In it we meet for breakfast on weekends, we have coffee in the afternoon, we give free rein to creativity with new recipes and we also have our moments alone.

More and more life is taking place in the kitchen. Interior designers know it; For this reason, there are many who work on versatile designs that help to create pleasant and sophisticated environments. We are aware that it has greater functionality than other rooms in the house, but it also deserves attention on a decorative level.

It is the ideal time to carry out a reform. You could start, for example, by renovating lamps, stools, or shelves. First, try wall decoration or painting the walls; You can even go further and carry out a comprehensive reform.

A Comfortable, Simple, And Functional Kitchen Decoration

kitchen decoration functional kitchen

As we have pointed out previously, the kitchen is a functional space. However, this does not mean that we settle for a basic and elementary decorative approach. We can apply a curious and elegant composition that can surprise and, above all, that captivates our senses.

Colored tiles, furniture made of noble materials, technological appliances, the application of a central island, a kitchen with a dining room … are components that cannot be missing. In addition, adaptation to space can be done without complicating our lives. Whether it is more or less spacious, we have the power to organize the entire complex as best suits us. The important thing is that we achieve comfort.

Family Size

The kitchen opens onto the living room, although it is separated by an XL door, made of glass and sliding. It is a fantastic space to decorate because the meters give play to accommodate a large table, rug, designer chairs … The perfect place to eat, do homework or even have a video conference. Is the wall with toucans not ideal as wallpaper?  Galán Sobrino Arquitectos signed the design.

Mediterranean Flavor

The joy of the sea in this wall tile with a beautiful pattern that gives continuity and contrasts with the Silestone countertop. Blue prevents splashing from the sink from showing. The wooden shelving system facilitates order and expands the storage space in the work area. If you have little space, a high table on the wall enables a dining area, better if it is folding. The interior design is by Rocío Esquilas.

In Mini

Imagination to the power! A few meters away, new solutions, above all those of the Medicare interior design studio. If your house depends on having more order or lacks space for storage, install floating cabinets and take advantage of every corner with custom furniture. The blue lacquer gives a calm look, which coordinates beautifully with the powder pink front. A place full of charm and where it is very comfortable to cook.

Design Note

No recessed lights, two Nordic design lamps, in brass, preside over the sink, which has been used to create large storage space. The note of color is in the gravity tile, in vibrant lime green, it hides the dirt that occurs during cooking. The two cabinets that guard the cooking area allow you to have all the utensils and ingredients for cooking at hand.

Two-Color Palette

The personality of this kitchen decoration is undeniable. The play of black and white striped wallpaper on the ceiling and walls brings dynamism and exclusivity. The combination of white furniture with chrome appliances is a success, as is the use of the peninsula, with stainless steel waitresses to store fresh products.

In Wood

It is an elegant and modern kitchen, with white painted beams. It is a compact and aesthetic set in which the natural prevails, thanks to the work and grace of Babel Studio’s interior design project. The oak floor covering, the wooden furniture, and the fronts of the appliances have been paneled to hide them from view and integrate them into the environment. The result is a neat and very welcoming look.

With Strategy

Everything has been used in this kitchen decoration, even its L-shaped distribution, to offer a balanced proposal. The exposed brick wall, an unexpected high table with stools that reveal the background, two design lamps at different heights, a two-color pavement that breaks at the entrance to the living room … Even the wallpaper in blue, with plant motifs, it is an invitation to relax. Everything indicates that here there is an excellent interior design work by Ana Negrete.

How Daring!

Red conveys passion, also for interior design, signed by Pía Capdevila. In this kitchen, the flooring has all the prominence, which is why it has been chosen to create a line of custom-made furniture in white that highlights the geometric motifs. The current point is to choose a bright and very striking tonality, but that does not impact visually, with a white tiled plinth. To complete the look, choose textiles or accessories with the same color palette.

We Play?

Checkerboard floors are always popular and reach such prominence that you will need to be very discreet when selecting furniture. The white lacquer is functional and allows light to be multiplied when the kitchen is small or narrow. If so, use very light curtains on the window, which allow the sun’s rays to pass through, and install globe lamps, which better distribute the light beams.

Rustic Chic

The high ceilings and the large window are excellent options for your decorative bet to shine. In this proposal, an old wooden piece of furniture has been recovered to serve as a work table, although it can also be used for breakfast, a mid-afternoon coffee, or an informal dinner. Join the idea of ​​making DIY shelves with recycled wooden boxes. This kitchen decoration never goes out of style.

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