Top 5 Website Grading Tools

Top 5 Website Grading Tools

There are plenty of grading tools available at your disposal when it comes to your website, but finding one that’s effective can be a bit difficult. Thankfully, we’re going to provide five of the best grading sites so you can see how your site measures up. With this being said, here’s a look at the best website grading tools available, curated by real money online casino Australia.

  1. Hubspot’s Marketing Grader

Enter your blog’s URL and your email address, and press go. Marketing Grader will give you an overall score for your website, based on four categories:
Each section has a checklist of items as well as grades for individual aspects of the category. For instance, Website Grader will check your site for page titles, meta descriptions, and headings — all of which are useful elements for strong SEO and also quite useful for having shareable social media content. SEO titles and descriptions are what appear natively when you share links on your social profiles.

  1. Nibbler

The free Nibbler test looks at a laundry list of site and blog characteristics—more than 20 high-level items—spitting out an overall score (on a scale of 1 to 10) and a list of improvements ordered by priority. Nibbler is one of the tools that goes the deepest on tying the website and social media profiles together. It will check for things like:
Twitter and Facebook pages, both whether you have one and whether or not they’re linked to from your website
The social interest of your website: how many times your links have been shared on social recently
Plus a ton of social-first on-page metrics like the amount of content and images, plus meta titles and descriptions.

  1. Woorank

WooRank’s free tool tests seven aspects of your site—SEO, mobile, usability, technologies, social, local, and traffic. They’ve got just about everything covered here. The final result is a score on a scale of 1 to 100 and a report that you can download as a pdf or slides to share with your team. The social section in particular goes really deep. It’s almost like a full social media audit of its own!
That’s right. Woorank will tell you all these things about your social profiles:
Engagement rates
Profile descriptions
Profile cover photos
and contact info

  1. W3C validator

The previous graders on this list have been full of helpful, high-level marketing tips. The W3C Validator gives you straight-up fixes to make. Run your site through W3C Validator, and see exactly which code errors appear on your website. The validator tool tells you the specific line of code in which the error appears. After the must-fix items, you also receive a series of warnings that could be worth checking into also. You can also check the validator of games at casino en ligne argent reel.

  1. Clarity Grader

Most of the above tools look at various marketing and technical aspects of your site. Clarity Grader checks the words themselves. The report details the language you use on the site, analyzing 20 pages to come up with some incredibly sharp linguistic insights.
Passive voice
Long sentences
Grade level
(Note: When you run the tool, you also sign up for Clarity Grader.)
Useful takeaway:
The “cliches and jargon” test at Clarity Grader has a ton of interesting insights. It’s amazing how often I’m tempted to use words that appear in this list.


Now, this one is a bit different than the other tools we’ve listed because it doesn’t spit out a clear number score or letter grade. But it’s no less powerful and actionable. We’ll keep you in the loop on our best advice and strategies for social media marketing and growing a small business.

With, you can enter in the URL from any page and see exactly how it will look on a variety of places. The full list includes:
even Slack
You’ll see a full preview of your link within the exact UI of each of these platforms. This way, you can tell how your headline and description and image all fit together when shared online.

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