As I sit at this coffee shop, there are busybodies all around me. People are carrying out their daily lives. Sipping on coffee. Eating delicious muffins. Swept up in conversations with friends.

Or, they have their eyes glued to their laptops, as I do now.

In between answering emails and googling things I don’t really need to know, I’m writing this… While there are times where I find myself aimlessly writing, rambling and looking to string together the perfect combination of words, this is not one of those times.

I’m writing for you… But if I’m being brutally honest, it’s for me, too.

While life carries on, in and out of coffee shops, in different and similar ways, we all share one thing in common. A thing that can’t be seen, heard or even felt.


In some instances, the thoughts that fill our minds are kind. Building us up. Inspiring us. Telling us anything is possible. Echoing the inspiration we see while scrolling through quotes on social media.

However, a lot of the time their tune doesn’t resemble that of a kind friend.

As you carry on with your daily routine, you may be met with frantic thoughts desperately trying to convince you, in some way or another, what you’re doing with your life is wrong.

As you sip coffee, those thoughts may be calling for you to drink another then another, regardless of what the anxious feeling in your heart is desperately trying to communicate with you.

As you bite into the muffin, a flood of thoughts filled with regret may occupy your mind. How do your thoughts attack you for your lack of self-control and encourage you to get another at the same time?

While you can appear to be swept up in the conversation in front of you, your thoughts may be running rampant wondering how you sound and whether or not the people in front of you actually care about what you have to say.

The thoughts we think… Pulling us from every which direction. They’re conflicting, and certainly all-consuming.

It’s a lot.

And we’ll be thinking about them all here.

Welcome, thought thinkers.