Another month has come and go, and it’s time for my monthly update! This month was an exciting, but stressful one.

Let’s talk about it:


The last couple of weeks of September were… stressful. DiveThru landed in the app store on October 1st, and we ran into some hiccups while getting ready to go live.

I didn’t handle it the best. I allowed myself to fixate on things that weren’t going according to my ideas of how they should go. In the moment, I would have said I was fixating on all of the things going wrong. But, things weren’t going wrong – they were going against how I thought they should. Realizing that was hugely powerful to me.

Like pretty much everyone, I had an idea of how things should have gone as we entered launch, and naturally, that’s not what was happening. It was a huge lesson in letting go of my idea of things and trusting the flow of things.

After we got approved to go live in the app store, some tears of joy were shed:

I can’t wait to give a rundown of how the launch went in October’s update – but, I’m also talking about it weekly on my SophieThinksThoughts email. You can sign up for them here.

The Sophie Gray Brand

Since September was all about DiveThru, my blog took a back seat. That being said, I did make an exciting decision to move on from the domain. It’s been a few months since I changed my main Instagram handle to @sophiegray, and it felt like a needed next step. Andddd, that’s why you’re reading this article at

I really resonate with this URL as it’s what my weekly emails are called. It feels… so… me. It’s been an ongoing thing Riley and I use to describe the random things I would say. We could be sitting in the car driving and I’d ask a question about

I look forward to finding my rhythm again with this outlet.

Personal Life

While I was hella occupied with DiveThru this month, I did host my sister-in-law’s baby shower. I went a bit over the top.

I. Love. Entertaining.

I also love my sister-in-law, and she deserved the absolute best day.

My favourite thing about the day was our Mason Station. We set up a station with an assortment of freshly cut flowers, mason jars, and ribbon. The guests were then able to create their own favor and take them home! It was an activity and favor wrapped in one – it was a huge hit!

Here are some pictures:


Another super exciting personal thing that happened this month was that Emily, my Brand Manager, who I have been working with for a year came up to Canada! She made a trip up my way to go to the mountains, and spent the night in Edmonton! Isn’t it so weird that we live in a world where you can work with someone every day but never meet? It felt like we were old friends!

Wellness Routine

I have to be completely transparent… My physical fitness routine went out the window this month. Like I mentioned, DiveThru was a lot and I’ve been one track minded. My body has been tired as a result of how busy my mind has felt.

That being said, we have been routinely walking the dog twice a day. It’s been the perfect way to move my body and is my favorite way to spend time with Riley (and Rio and Biggie). It’s the perfect little family active time.

Riley did purchase a squat rack this month for our home gym and I’m looking forward to trying it out when I’m back to my routine.

While the puppy walks have been awesome, the weather took a huge dip here. Yay for snow storms in September. The cold is hitting me hard so I have been desperately in the need for some warmth. I have been obsessing over Golden Milk.

Golden Milk is an ancient Ayurveda drink that combines delicious spices and tumeric. It helps warm the body in the best way. It helps balance your hormones, build healthy joints and mobility, balance inflammation throughout the body and boost your immunity.

Plus, it’s delicious and that’s the most important part, haha!

Golden Milk Super Blend has been formulated by our herbal and superfood experts to be a delicious elixir that helps support healthy joints and mobility.

I had stumbled across Golden Milk a few years ago, but found having to make it from scratch was way too hard. I was so stoked to find a premade blend from Sunfood! It makes it so much easier to have which means I’m essentially having it every day.

Here’s my recipe:

Golden Milk Recipe


  1. 1 Cup Of Almond Or Coconut Milk
  2. 1 Tsp Of The Sunfood Golden Milk Super Blend


  1. Heat Up The Milk
  2. Stir in 1 Tsp Of The Sunfood Golden Milk Super Blend
  3. Enjoy!

Hahaha, I feel silly writing this as a recipe because it’s so easy to make.

Since Sunfood is my fave, I have a discount code allll for you. Get 20% off your Sunfood order with the code SOPHIEGRAY.


This month really had me reevaluate my mental wellbeing. As I mentioned, I was stressed out and was fixating on things that I was deeming as bad.

The one good thing I did for this stress was journal a shit ton. I found it interesting that the closer it got to launch, the more I needed my own DiveThru routine.

From my own reflection, I realized I was aligning myself with fear, not love. This is a huge thing for me. I was actively choosing to see the bad and stress myself out, rather than focusing on the many many things that were going right.

Choosing love over fear is something some I try to live my life by. This isn’t to say I minimize my true feelings. I make sure I feel my feelings, but then I realign with love.

Your Takeaway

So, for the reflections for this month… I want you to explore the ways you’re choosing fear over love. Reflect on any obstacles you’re facing, and explore how you can opt for love, not fear. How can you actively seek to see the good in the situations? How can you choose love over fear?

Happy exploring!