The gray suit and how to combine it in a perfect outfit

gray suit

The gray suit and how to combine it in a perfect outfit

The gray suit is one of those necessary garments that every man should have in his closet. It is one of the best investments you can make in your closet because it is an elegant, sophisticated and trendy piece. The gray, in psychological issues associated with reliability, maturity, responsibility, and intelligence. Qualities that any man would like to show off, right? However, this color is somewhat ambiguous as there are multiple shades. Not for nothing do we use it to refer to the entire universe that exists between black and white. So, which of all the shades to choose to wear?

When you decide to use this suit color, be sure that all shades of gray look good because they all speak of a man sure of himself and, above all, with good taste. You must bear in mind that light tones, such as pearl gray, look better on lighter skin and so on according to skin color and the shade of gray.

Now, the real trick for a gray suit to look good lies in knowing how to choose the correct color of the shirt. You do not know how? Follow these simple tips and everything will be a piece of cake.

White shirt

The most obvious and the most classic of all. The white shirt is the “formal” garment par excellence as it looks good with practically any suit. Choose a good cotton one for a clean and understated look. Remember that there are also several tricks that will help you choose a pristine white shirt, such as knowing how to identify the correct fit for you.

Light blue shirt

A chromatic chord that will get you out of any trouble. The real question of combining colors for your suit is knowing how to find color contrasts so that each of the garments stands out properly. Tip: Add a navy blue tie and a brown coat and we assure you that you will turn heads and everyone will say that you are the most elegant man in the place.

Baby blue shirt

This combination looks particularly good if your suit has a thick striped design. The slightly darker shade of blue will allow you to play with the tie colors. How about a red or wine or even a royal blue? It is a look that any man can wear, regardless of his style, profession, or age. A fashionable hit with zero margins of error. Dare to use it!

Loose white shirt

The perfect combo for hot days! Wearing a suit in summer is a wise move, as long as you know how to use it properly (so as not to end up covered in sweat). The key is to use materials that are light and natural like cotton and linen and combine them with a shirt that is much more loose and baggy. This will allow your body to feel freer and fresher. To top it off, opt for white canvas sneakers for a photo-worthy look.

White t-shirt

An option very similar to the previous one. However, this one is much more casual and informal. Opt for this type of outfit for a dinner with friends or a date. You will give a cool and trendy image.

Turtle neck

And for winter days … a turtleneck. Wearing a gray suit, preferably a light tone, with a sweater of this type is synonymous with timeless elegance. The key is to choose a turtleneck whose color completely contrasts; We recommend wine, mustard, or even black.

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