Storing bicycles on the terrace: Tips and things to avoid

Storing bicycles on the terrace

Storing bicycles on the terrace: Tips and things to avoid

Storing bicycles on the terrace is a solution that many people choose, whether they have a single bike or have to sharpen their wits to store the whole family’s bicycles. Inside the house, we do not always have enough space and we have to go outside to leave our two-wheeled companion. The bmx bike for 6ft tall will be best for you.

How to store bicycles on the terrace?

Storing bicycles on the terrace

The best way to store bicycles on a terrace is by using a bike rack. They come in different styles and sizes and they can be placed indoors as well as outside. So if you want to use it in your garden, it’s the best option for you.

When choosing a bike rack, it’s important to note that there are different types available, so you need to decide what works best for your house. You can opt for a simple bike rack that has a single post or multiple posts. The choice is up to you.

However, the type of bike rack that you get should be sturdy and it should be able to hold at least two bicycles. It should be easy to use and you don’t need to struggle while attaching the bikes to the rack.

It should be possible to adjust the height of the rack according to your needs. You can choose between fixed and adjustable heights. You can also choose between manual or power operation.

You also need to consider the number of wheels the bike rack has. It should be compatible with the number of wheels on the bike. You may also like to read

It’s also important to check that the bike rack is made from quality material. You should also note whether the rack has a protective mesh covering. This will prevent the bikes from getting damaged.

Finally, you need to ensure that the bike rack meets the safety requirements of the area where you plan to put it. Make sure that it complies with local laws and regulations.

A final point to remember is that the height of the rack should be low enough for it not to hit the ground.

Advantages of storing bicycles on the terrace

  1. The first advantage is that it’s safe. It means that you can store your bicycle outside and it won’t be stolen. 
  2. It keeps your bike safe from the weather. You can store your bike on the terrace, and it will stay dry. It also means that you can leave your bike outside when it rains, and it won’t get wet.
  3. You can use it as a display. If you have a beautiful bicycle, it’s worth displaying it in a prominent position. It’s a great way to advertise your business.
  4. It makes it easier to keep up with your exercise routine. It’s easy to cycle to work if you have your bicycle stored outside. It also means that you don’t need to worry about locking it up at night.
  5. It means that you can use the space more effectively. If you have a large terrace, you can use it for other things as well, such as a barbecue area or a garden. You can even grow vegetables.
  6. It can make your house look nicer. It’s a nice way to show off your home.
  7. It can save you money. You can use the space for storing your bike, and it will save you money on storage costs.

Tips and things to avoid when storing the bike on the terrace

Bicycles must have their own reserved place at home, either inside or outside. If you do not have enough space inside, you will have to store it on the balcony, terrace or patio.

The main advice is to protect it from the sun and the rain so, as far as possible, look for a place with shade and as sheltered as possible. It is clear that nothing will happen to your bike for a few weeks exposed to the sun’s rays or humidity, but over time it can deteriorate, especially the tires, the handles and the transmission.

In case you have tried several places on your terrace and you continue to see how inclement weather continues to impact your bike, the ideal solution is a waterproof cover.

In addition, avoid the typical thought of “as it is on the terrace it will clean itself.” Whether you have a city bike or a mountain bike, if it comes home dirty, you should clean it. Dirt and mud solidify quickly and, over time, can be difficult to remove, risking paint peeling. Maintenance is essential!

Store an electric bike on the terrace

What we have explained above also has its application in electric bikes. In the case of the Carmela Bikes, designed and manufactured in Barcelona, ​​they will resist like any other bicycle that has high-quality materials.

Parts that you might think are delicate, such as the battery, the motor or the gearbox, are designed to be as resistant as possible. That’s why they are covered. In turn, this makes for very clean bikes, as there is no grease anywhere on the outside.

Are you sure you don’t fit at home? Read before replying

Although we want to make it clear that you should not have any qualms about leaving your Carmela on the balcony or terrace, as if it were a bicycle without a motor, it will always be better if you store it at home.

Surely many of you will think that you do not have space inside the house, but that is because you still do not know everything that Carmela has thought to be as “little space friendly” as possible.

Specifically, most Bikes allow the pedals and handlebar to be folded without turning the wheel. In this way, it can be supported on the wall and occupy a width of only 30 centimeters. This is not signed or folding bikes!

A very common way to store them is to hang them on the wall. Without the battery, they only weigh 13 kilos and you can lift them without problems even if you do not have much strength.

Finally, the clean, modern and fresh design of the Carmela also makes it a very original decorative element when you are at home. Don’t hide it on the terrace and surprise visitors with your bike!

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