“Ugh. Your body is amazing. I wish I looked like you.”

I could have taken comments like this at face value and allowed them to flatter my ego. But, that’s not really my style so here we are.

Comments like these are littered throughout pretty much any social media post where the girl is wearing a bikini or a sports bra. Anddddd, they need to stop, immediately.


You think that girl’s beautiful? Tell her.

You like her shoes? Tell her.

You think she’s a kind soul who is a gift to this world? TELLLLLL HER.

Wish you were someone other than yourself because you don’t measure up to said girl? Let’s stop that shit right where it is.

Real talk: one woman’s beauty doesn’t take away your own.

I want you to know on the deepest level possible, that you are equally deserving of praise and love as those who receive it on social media.

Your body equally deserves to be celebrated. Your thoughts equally deserve to be celebrate.


I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and so desperately want to be anyone but myself. I know what it’s like to spend hours on social media, creeping profiles of popular Instagrammers and just wish I could be them. Every single bit of me knows what it’s like to reject every part of who I am – and that’s why I won’t take these types of comments at face value.

You are enough

We live in a world where women never feel good enough. We’re raised to believe we’ll never measure up, whether that be academically (it took me three google attempts at spelling this word before it even knew what I was attempting to type!!), physically, financially, or in whatever other capacity.

But, I am here to tell you otherwise. Being you is a gift. You landed on this earth being so incredibly enough. You are deserving of your own love and appreciation simply because you showed up to life. Please never forget that.

Our words carry weight. Even if you don’t yet believe the words I have said above, I want you cultivate a practice where you become hyper aware of what you’re putting out into the world. Compliment others without discrediting yourself. Admire others without abandoning yourself. Be aware of the wording you use when talking about who you are and stop wishing yourself away.

Now, go on…Continue to compliment others, but remember to always compliment yourself first.