Small bathroom ideas to decorate them with style

Small bathroom ideas

Small bathroom ideas to decorate them with style

The bathroom is always a challenge for interior designers, architects, and residents; If we add narrow dimensions to this, it seems that the act of generating a bathroom that is adequate in shape and decoration is a very complicated task.

In this book of ideas, specifically, there are small bathroom ideas and advice to get the most out of spaces that often do not exceed 2 meters in diameter.

Without further ado, let’s see how to have a beautiful and functional bathroom

bathroom ideas to decorate

A Low Decoration So As Not To Saturate The Bathroom

When the bathrooms are small, the idea is to leave the walls as free as possible. This does not mean that it should not or cannot be decorated. This example shows us: the decoration can below and look great.

The Objects Arranged In The Background

This bathroom offers a very useful idea for small spaces: place the furniture at the back and leave the sea area near the door free.

A Bathroom With Everything Useful Nearby

If your bathroom is very small, try to justify the proximity of the objects and/or elements by their functionality. No one will criticize, for example, that the sink and the toilet are close.

Decoration Up

This bathroom design is very nice, with a very appropriate set of lights and steps that project more height into the room, the bathroom forgets its narrowness.

A Game Of Color Very Suitable For Small Bathrooms

Combining black and white in a small bathroom has two advantages: the first is that it denotes sophistication; the second is that it makes adequate use of shadows and lights.

The Biggest Thing The Bathroom Has To The End

That statement may already be a law. If you place, in your small bathroom, the largest elements at the back, you will automatically obtain spaciousness in the corridors and that already speaks of saving space.

White And Whiter

The easiest way to create a feeling of spaciousness in a small bathroom? Use white on walls and accessories; at least in the cup yes.

Floating Furniture In The Bathroom

The furniture that is built into the wall and does not need legs are very useful in small bathrooms because they free up sleep and it at least does not look narrower than it is.

Not Very High Divisions

Another great idea to positively support small bathrooms is not to have very high and total separations, for example, this shower screen does not touch the ceiling and is made of glass.

Just The Right Size Furniture

Another great idea for small bathrooms: Do not buy very large furniture, it will only clog the room and its use will not even be very effective and practical.

Color On The Floor And Background

This cute little bathroom with very nice tiles in the background and on the floor shows us that there can be a lot of decoration: as long as it is placed in the right place and with the right amount.

What If We Don’t Put A Door?

A small bathroom without a door that delimits it does not appear so narrow. With this idea in mind, and if the distribution of your house allows it, leave your bathroom open, that is, without a door.

Lots Of Design And Little Furniture

Sometimes the key in decorating small bathrooms is not having a lot of furniture. Remember that space is sacred: you can have the essential furniture and compensate for simplicity with a design.

Have Several Half Baths

Another very effective idea to not torment ourselves when talking about small bathrooms is to eradicate the thought that the bathroom cannot be touched, that is, redesign, divide, etc.

A Decoration That Makes You Forget The Dimensions

As a closing day, we urge you not to sacrifice design and decoration because the place is small. There are toilets so small but so well thought out that their dimensions were not even mentioned.

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