Have you noticed how I talk about self acceptance a lot? These days all the posts found on @wayofgray mention loving yourself and accepting yourself unconditionally.

I even changed my tagline to “I want you to accept the shit out of yourself.”

Talk about obsessed.

That being said, I actually can’t tell you what self-acceptance looks like. I can talk about it all day through this blog and my social media channels, but that doesn’t mean I can describe what it looks like for YOU.

Anddddd, that’s the beautiful thing about self acceptance. It looks differently for each and every one of us.

For you, accepting yourself may look like spending seven nights a week on your couch in your pyjamas watching Gossip Girl.

It might look like watching documentaries about scary shit in the ocean, and scheduling vacation time during Shark Week.

Self-acceptance may look like a bare face or a contoured masterpiece.

It may look like wearing birkenstocks to weddings (this one’s for me) or the highest heels known to man.

Accepting the shit out of yourself may look like shaved legs, or unshaved legs or shaving your leg hair into funny patterns.

It could involve decorating your entire house with dog themed decor or having your mattress on the floor.

Accepting who you are may involve openly crying during movie trailors about dogs or laughing hysterically at cat memes.

Self-acceptance can look like a whole bunch of things – and your version of self-acceptance will certainly look different for you than it does for me.

So, I can’t tell you what self-acceptance looks like. But I can tell you what it FEELS like.

It feels fucking awesome. It feels like peace, peace with yourself. It feels like a wave of relief when you stare in the mirror and hear positive voices. It feels like an “I love you” that you actually mean. It feels like home, within yourself.

Self-acceptance is just that- accepting yourself exactly as you are.

So, I answer your question with a question… Who are you, truly?

Are you truly able to live the kind of live you deserve, or do you insecurities just get in the way?

If so, you’re going to LOVE my mini-collection of five journaling questions that will help you break through these insecurities and allow you to feel awesome when you look in the mirror.