I regularly get asked how Riley and I met. I may be biased, but I love our love story. Before our first date, I knew Riley was my husband. Here’s where it all started…

Riley and I ran around in the same circles for over a decade. Riley’s best friend married my sister’s best friend. I had always known about him but had never met him, even though we had attended the same events (including the wedding of my sister’s and his best friend). He also knew my middle sister as they both worked in hospitality.

Although Riley knew my sisters well, he never knew another Gray sister existed. Oh, but I did, and I would very quickly end up being his wife!

One month before we officially met, Riley and I were at the same party. I was in a miserable mood. It was a murder mystery, so you were assigned roles to act out. My character had to get information from Riley’s character. Instead of playing along, I went up to Riley and began to read out what I needed from him.

In Riley fashion, he told me to shut up. I was ruining the game, and he didn’t like that. He then asked me who I was. I was so offended. I’m Sophie Gray, Holly and Alexis’s little sister… How could he not know me?

While I was upset in the moment, I didn’t think twice about it after the night ended. A couple of weeks after the party, I had a meeting with my sister’s bridesmaids to plan her bachelorette. At that time, my middle sister (the hospitality one) called Riley to book a limo to take us to his bar. He manages restaurants in the city, and at that time, he was operating the most popular bar in Edmonton.

I remember my sister talking to him on the phone, but didn’t think much of it.

I vividly remember that planning day as Rio was a puppy, and was sitting on the lap of my sister’s friend who married Riley’s friend. There was hummus on the table, and he dove face first into it. It was Rio’s first taste for food he wasn’t meant to have.

Okay, finally onto the night we met… It was my sister’s bachelorette party, and we were headed out for a night downtown. I had already stopped drinking, so I was spending the night sober. When we got to the bar, we did as every bachelorette party does and danced, took shots and excitingly screamed about my sister’s wedding.

One of my sister’s friends was having a bit too much fun. She ended up puking. As I was sober, I went into Mamma Hen mode. We took her into a side room and got her water. I don’t know who turned to Riley for help, but he ended up coming to our table. He lent my sister’s friend his jacket. She was having a rough night.

She started to puke again, Riley wanted us to get her home safe. We arranged her a ride home, and the rest of the group headed to another bar. As we were leaving, Riley asked me to get his hoodie back. We went, and I didn’t think much of it.

At the next bar, I got over it pretty quickly. I decided to head home and went outside to hail a cab. The positioning of the bar we were at made it hard to get a cab. The bar Riley worked at was the easiest place to get a cab downtown. So, I decided to take the 15-20 minute walk back, alone, at 2 AM.

When I got to the bar, Riley was standing outside. He asked me where everyone was and why I was alone. I let him know I didn’t know how to hail a cab. Naturally, he laughed and hailed one for me.

While it was a simple enough interaction, it apparently left an impression. I sent him a Facebook Friend request the next morning, and he sent me a message.

We spent the rest of the day (Sunday) chatting. I was the one that made the first move and asked him on a date. I used a picture of Rio (who was only a few months old at the time) to ask him on a puppy park date. He sent a picture of Biggie, and the date was set. We’d be going to the dog park on the coming Tuesday.

I had a photo shoot scheduled for the morning of the date. Riley and I had talked all day Sunday and Monday. Although it was a short amount of time, during the photo shoot, I told my makeup artist and photographer that Riley was going to be my future husband. I really don’t know what it was… I just knew.

We planned for Riley to pick me up, then we’d go and get Biggie then head to the park. When I answered the door, Riley came in, picked me up, closed the door, and we started making out. Yup, it was something out of a movie.

We didn’t make it to the dog park. We ended up spending the night… Talking. Yup, just talking. Until like 2 AM.

Riley later told me that he left that night and texted his mum that he found the one.

We ended up spending the next 5 consecutive days together. Riley asked me to be his girlfriend within the first week and told me he loved me after three weeks. As I said, I knew he was my husband before our first date.
Within the first 6 months, we started building a house together and quickly merged the puppies into one household. We got engaged within 2 and a half years (although Riley had the ring around the year mark) and married each other after 3 and a half years of being together.

I don’t love the idea of love at first sight.

It wasn’t that.

We just… knew. He was my one, and I was his.

I want to know… How did you and your significant other meet?!