Oriental decorating ideas: How to decorate rooms?

Oriental decorating ideas: How to decorate rooms?

When one is seduced by oriental philosophy, reflections of that seduction begin to be seen throughout the family environment. At home, in your clothing, even in the way you speak, eat and express yourself, relationships can begin to be established from this process of falling in love that arises with Eastern philosophy. His mysticism, ancestry, the incognito that accompanies all his customs, the unveiling layer by layer each of his precepts or protocols of life and behavior can be truly dazzling.

How to use Oriental decorating ideas?

It is one of the most ancient of all customs and cultures. In fact, it is known as one of the oldest preceded by the Hindu. Eastern philosophy has some characteristics different from the rest. And it transverses it to all the axes of the life of those who practice it. Based on the precepts of the Tao as a guide and settlement, many edges of the same art can be seen.

Prevalence of manual art, art on paper and wood, painting, and writing mark a decorative milestone. It is one of the few cultures where its writing characters have been considered by themselves, objects, or decorative elements per set.

And everything is because, in character, the symbolism of a phrase or a complete action can be collected. Hence, many times on a wall, the character symbolizes love, family, money, or prosperity. That is why the characters or drawings that emerge from the oriental writing on these concepts can be used on a corridor, living room, or dining room wall as a central decorative element.


The shades of the oriental style can be very earthy. Green, yellow, gold, even orange or red colors can be trends in oriental style decorations. However, depending on the areas you want to represent in the decoration, there may be considerable variations. It is a fact that Chinese tableware is characteristically white or with blue hand-painted and carvings. This is due to the Dynasties that ruled the time of the heyday of porcelain.

Even as an oriental decoration a little in the minimalist style, you can find space between red, white and black. Representative of the ninjas and a subculture of war and revolution in China and the East. And in decoration, its use is also valid according to the conditions and styles that the owner wishes to print in that space.


Certain objects are typical of the oriental style. However, despite being objects that in other styles can also be representative, they are decisive in conceiving the oriental style.

Vases are essential. Everything in oriental culture is oriented towards the projection of porcelain works of art. Therefore large vases are typical of this culture, its conception and its start as culture and dissemination in homes and places of collective coexistence.

Another fundamental element is the paper lamps, which can be round in the shape of an umbrella. With rice paper, finely decorated, they can be a decorative element that distinguishes itself from any other. And without any other added element, they can make a space change in an oriental way.

The placement of carved or carved sliding doors is another distinctive element of Eastern culture. They serve to separate spaces or to highlight them as in dining rooms or game and entertainment rooms. So you can incorporate this type of sliding doors to expand the useful field of certain rooms or spaces.

An undoubted decorative element in oriental culture is the pictures, preferably framed in the dark, carved wood. Some are even made of rice paper or porcelain embedded in the frame. So you will always see some of these in favorite spaces such as restaurants or offices related to this type of culture.

The images on tables and in corners have to do with mother Kwan Yin, or even with other figures such as Buddha as a spiritual icon of this philosophy. There are thousands of ways to have one of these images at home, lamps on bedside tables, corner figurines and highly decorative elements such as centerpieces.

Suppose you decide to decorate for a special occasion, such as the reception and celebration of the Chinese Year, as the predominant colors are red and gold. Always, the custom of celebrating it with a large number of colors and lamps around the space of the celebration is maintained.

At the level of decoration with plants, without hesitation, bamboos are the plants of choice for this type of decoration, whether they are large or small, kinky or not, in bunches or alone, bamboos give an oriental touch to the entire space. Whether in vases with water or in pots, Chinese bamboos can have a very relaxing and integrated effect on space. They are of little attention, very resistant and adaptable, so you can rest assured that life will not take your care or attention, but what is certain is that you can use them from spaces such as bathrooms, living room, kitchen, dining room, hallways rooms and terraces.

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