Thank you. I’m really not too sure any other way to start this letter. Truthfully. When I went to write my vows, it’s all I wanted to say.

I’m not thanking you for completing me, making me happy or saving me. As you taught me, I complete myself. My happiness starts within, and I’m the only one who can truly save myself.  

But, still, thank you. Thank you for being here, and choosing to be here for the rest of our lives.

I honestly thought I’d be terrified. You know… of this whole til death do us part thing. But, during the ceremony, you saw me. You never ran from the vulnerability. You stood with me like I know you will. And I stood with you, like I will always do because you’re it, bud. You’re so fucking it. Like, what did you do to me?! I have never been so sure of something.

When we first met, I didn’t know what we have existed. I didn’t think I could be fully and wholly supported by another. I didn’t know I could be so in love with someone who is also my best friend. I didn’t know someone could care more about my success than I do

But, you do. You care so deeply.

And I’m not the only one you care about. I talk about changing the world, and you talk about caring for our friends and family. Your love is an absolute gift. You’re an amazing son, brother, and friend.

You’re the type of person who willingly helps your friends move. I think that says a lot. The world is lucky to have you, even when you’re hangry.

We often joke about the time you drove me across the continent or when you were our sherpa to the middle of nowhere (a story my followers don’t know about quite yet). And while we’re able to laugh at those experiences now, in the moment, they were painful. So very painful. You had every opportunity to say nope, this isn’t for me. But, you didn’t. You dove in. You showed up. You stood by me as I stood crying in a busy airport and when I was on my knees in the middle of nowhere with my hands up screaming (seriously, laughable but also terrible).

And you always show up. Whether it be by giving head rubs, making dinner or cleaning up the poop deck. You show up.

And, that’s what I want to do for you. I want to recognize the times where you reaaallly need food and get you some right away. I want to help you live your life in boardshorts and flip-flops. I want to turn on your video game for you while you’re in the bathroom so you can pwn noobs faster with da boys (but let’s be honest, you’re the one getting pwned).

I know it’s so cliche to talk about your partner making you a better person. But, you do. You encourage me to step back and have fun. You remind me to connect with myself and take care of myself on all levels. You turn the light on for me when I forget to journal.

You’re it, babe. You’re my puppy partner. You’re my best friend. You’re the person I have the absolute privilege of spending the rest of my life with, and I’m fucking excited.

I’m excited to play and ride our bikes. I’m excited to kick your ass at 21 and have all of our friends over for games night. I’m excited to walk our chaotic dogs and wake up with them between us. I’m excited to share my #sophiethinksthoughts with you, and you think I’m a weirdo. I’m excited to go to the ends of the earth to find the best fries and finally take those vacations I’ve promised you.

I’m excited as fuck that I get to be your wife.

You often joke about catching me. But, I caught you and I ain’t letting you go. You mine fo life.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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