You guyyyysssssss, how crazy is this… the first article I did surrounding my engagement  to Riley has been the most visited article on my site! I’ll be honest, I was blown away by how many people were interested in seeing a more personal side of my life. I even did an Instagram Story poll, and the results were clear- It’s time to get more personal through my channels.

Since the first wedding article did so well, I thought I’d follow up to that! So, here we go….

I love making decisions. I’ve never been the type to be unsure of what I wanted. For example, even before my first date with Riley, I told my girlfriends that he was my husband. Seriously, decision making is my thing.

Besides, Riley and I have been talking about the wedding from day #1. For that reason, we had a very clear idea of what we wanted the ‘big’ day to look like. We wanted to elope!

This came about thanks to my photographer-turned-close-friend who shot an elopement in the Canadian Rockies a few years ago. After looking at the photos and hearing the process, I knew I wanted to do something similar. That being said, I understand that weddings are about so much more than just the couple. I couldn’t imagine taking away that experience from my parents.

Sooooooo, it may be a little less traditional than my mother would have hoped for, but here’s what we’re doing:

On Thursday August 9th 2018 we are gathering with our immediate family in Canmore, Alberta. There will be twelve of us in total. We’ll have the ceremony with just our family followed by a dinner to celebrate.

My brain is soo excited to have five people on either side of us, because, well, symmetry!

There will also be a puppy on either side, because you bet Rio and Biggus are a part of the ceremony! Puppy bowties are happening.

Believe it or not, I’m actually a very private person. The thought of having anyone witness me marrying the love of my life other than those closest to me freaks me out. I understand situations are different, but I know no one will care as much as my family does. This isn’t to say our friends don’t care about us – it’s just, different.

That being said, Riley and I still love a good time. For that reason, we are hosting a massive party-style reception on the following Saturday. There won’t be a sit down dinner or anything formal, just one big party!

Our choices to celebrate our love in this way was such a beautiful and easy decision for us to make together. At the end of the day, our choice to be together is what this is actually about, not the guest list or the colour of the flowers. I feel so fortunate to have a partner that shares a similar mentality.

Since we had already discussed the location and the style of wedding we wanted, it made making the bigger decisions pretty effortless. We’ve been engaged for less than two months but I have already said ‘Yes’ to the dress, and we’ve confirmed our reception location and reached out to book our ceremony spot.

Every time I talk about the wedding with my friends and family I make it clear that I refuse to allow this special day to stress me out. I’m so happy to have these big decisions crossed off the list.

Yay for making decisions!

I truly feel weird writing an article that’s just about my life. For that reason, I thought I’d throw in this… Your life is YOURS for the making. When you move through life, ask yourself if the decisions you’re making are for you or others. Of course there are times (like a wedding) where decisions are made with your partner and in consideration of your loved ones – but, ensure that you are taking your desires into consideration.

Step back, and ask yourself this:

Am I living my life for me? Am I ensuring that I’m my happiest self?

I’ll leave you with that to ponder!