You guys, the winter we had this year was hard.

I live in Edmonton, Alberta and we broke a record for the longest consecutive days of freezing weather. 167 days…

We had weather below zero for 167 days in a row…

I’m not complaining.

Okay, yes I am.

But, only because cold weather dramatically impacts upon our ability to get outside and connect with this neat little sphere thing we live on. I noticed a huge shift in my mood and motivation to do anything when I was stuck indoors for so long.  

It’s bizarre…Even though this was the most extended winter ever I have never really been bothered by the cold weather. I was never one to spend a whole lot of time in nature.

Since I started dating Riley, everything changed. Riley loves bike rides. He loves going to the dog park. He enjoys hiking. He loves taking advantage of good weather.

He’s worn off on me.

Anddddd, that’s why my goals for this summer all involved getting outside. Here’s what I’m hoping to do:

1. Go for long bike rides at least four nights per week

Last summer I got theeeee cutest pink bike so this year, I can’t wait to get back out there and use it again!

I want to go for bike rides around our community and city at least four times per week. I find it’s such a peaceful and beautiful way to close my night.

2. Enjoy allllll the dog park walks  

The dog park is the place Riley and I feel at home. We’re even doing our engagement photos there because our fluffy friends are such a huge part of our relationship.

So this summer, I’m hoping to take the boys to this excellent park at least three times per week. It’s such a peaceful place and it has a butt-load of trails that we’re planning to make the most of this year, because I finally have the right footwear to do it! Yay!  

Last summer I wasn’t able to go as often because my footwear was messing up my feet. But this year I got a pair of Teva Hurricane XTL 2 sandals, and they are the

I ALWAYS had problems with my feet, making it super hard for me to wear thong sandals and feel comfortable. Just ask my parents…But these guys strap you in which means you can also wear socks with them. And I’m not against that sock and sandal life.

Regardless, I’m super excited to have these mega comfortable sandals with me as we adventure into the puppy park!

3. Hang out with my cute niece on our River Valley Baby Walks

My niece was a new nugget last summer, so she would quickly fall asleep in her stroller whenever we took her out. So we took full advantage of that and would go on 3-hour walks with my sister’s friends who also had babies.

It was hands-down my favorite thing to do because I got to be active and also see my niece!

This year I want to do more of the same. The only problem is that my niece is almost two years old now and sleep doesn’t come quite as easily. Soooo, the dynamic of the walks might involve more running after her than last time!

Regardless, I love getting outside and spending time with my little munchkin and I can’t wait to get started!

I can tell- this summer is going to be awesome! I’ll be working on doing more of these three things aaaand I’m also getting married in August, so things are going to get a bit busy! But I’m dedicated to making time to get outside and enjoy the warm weather. How about you?

(P.S… You can check out the sandals I’m talking about by clicking here!)