To say I am obsessed with organizing my pantry is an understatement. I don’t know what it is, but something about taking everything out of the pantry, organizing mason jars and tidying crates is fun to me.

For that reason, I have an over the top organized pantry. When new people come to the house, it feeds my ego when they say something about it. We all have something like that, and yah, for me it’s my pantry.

I wanted to do a walkthrough of our set up because whenever you can catch glimpses of it in my Instagram Stories, I get butt loads of questions about it

The Spice Drawer

I want to start this pantry walkthrough with something that’s actually not in our pantry. Spices. We recently moved them to a drawer beside the stove, and I love that decision. It definitely gets messy, but it helps when we quickly need to grab something. I also like it because we have ones that aren’t matching, and no one can see them when they’re in a drawer.

The Nut Jars

I have allll of the jars of nuts. I love having them beautifully presented in mason jars because they’re nice looking and it makes them so easy to use. A lot of our recipes call for cashews or almonds, and this makes it incredibly easy when we need to know how many we have left.

My Vital Proteins Go To

Previously I kept all of my go-to supplements in a drawer, but these Vital Proteins containers are so cute and add a nice bit of color to the pantry. I also use them often enough to justify having them out in the open. I have talked a lot about my love for collagen peptides on the blog. I love them so much because they easily blend into things and I don’t think twice about taking them! I talked about why I’m giving collagen a try here. And also shared my favorite recipe to incorporate them into here.

Right now I’m obsessing over their Beauty Waters. Sometimes plain water is… well… plain and boring. They have easy mixtures that dissolve into water, adding a lovely flavor and a boost of protein. It’s perfect. I’m also hella tired right now from allll of the work for DiveThru, so it’s been a perfect energy booster that isn’t fueled from sugar.

You can check out the one I love here.

My Stock Pile

So, as you can see, I have a lot of certain things.

  • Tomato paste.
  • Pasta sauce.
  • Coconut milk (light & cream)
  • Canned Tomatoes

What you don’t see in the photo is all of our chickpeas and beans.

You know when you’re looking to throw something together and it calls for small amounts of one thing that will make or break the recipe? I have found that these are core things a lot of recipes we use call for. So, we wanted to be prepared, and we just stockpile whenever we’re at Costco, or there’s a sale at our regular grocery store. It’s perfect for the nights when we haven’t put a lot of thought into our recipes and can just throw something together.

Our Bread Step Up

Another thing you’ll notice is that we have our toaster in our pantry. We custom built our house, and we didn’t put in a microwave. For the next owners, we put a plug in the pantry so they can put their microwave in there. But, for now, we use it for our toaster. It’s perfect because it’s right by our bread basket. Anddddd Rio can’t reach it.

It is surprisingly simple to make your pantry look this organized. All you need is mason jars of varying sizes, rustic crates, and beautiful Vital Proteins containers. Happy obsessive organizing, friends!