I want to start by saying that I absolutely love this blog. I love being able to connect with you guys and speak honestly. But, it never used to be that way. I didn’t feel comfortable embracing my true self or writing how I actually write. I would get things heavily edited and completely remove my tone of voice.

But, fuck that.

Andddd, now that I’m embracing my own tone, I’m loving hanging out here. Since my goal is to be writing more often, I want to start a monthly update post.

So, welcome to the first one!

In these monthly updates, I’m going to update you on alllll of the things happening in my life with DiveThru, this channel, my health routine, and I’ll even share my favorite go-to breakfast that’s packed with delicious superfoods from my favorite brand, Sunfood! I’ll also provide a takeaway for YOU to work on! It will be similar to my weekly newsletter, but frankly not as awesome. You can sign up for that here.

Shall we DiveThru? (Looooool, see why we named the app DiveThru?!?!)

As this is the first monthly update, I should probably tell you what DiveThru is before talking alllll about it. DiveThru is the company I founded. While it’s so much more than an app, that’s our main delivery for it. In short, DiveThru is an introspection app that helps you answer life’s questions, the questions the internet can’t answer for you. It combines journaling and guided breathing to help you better understand yourself, accept who you are and live in alignment with how you want to show up in the world.  

I seriously cannot believe that I get to work on this project. DiveThru (which I believe has its own energy and is essentially its own person) is attracting the most amazing people to our team. I love working with like-minded people who want to help make the world a more connected place.

This month we took massive steps forward as we’re going into beta testing in August. For that reason, I have been living in the recording studio.  The app is made up of “conversations” where you choose something you’re wanting to work on (examples include if you’re feeling triggered and want to understand it better, or you’re wanting to work through a fear you’re facing). Once you pick your conversation you listen to a guided breathing piece (narrated by yours truly) then journal on a specific topic. DiveThru is launching with over 500 conversations. So yah, it’s been busy but so amazing.

I cannot wait to unleash this in the world and provide you with a tool that will help you connect with yourself!

Here’s me living in the recording studio:

Moving forward…

Soooo, a few weeks ago I set the intention of writing 1000 words a day. Since I’m all about keeping it real through this channel, I entirely didn’t stick with it. But, I have still been writing more, and it feels so good. I have also been more regularly engaging with this channel. If you have been around for a bit, you’ll know I hugely stepped back from this blog and even my social media accounts. I needed the space to connect with myself and what I wanted to do in the world. When DiveThru started really coming together, I felt called back to what I’m doing through here.

I’m happy to be back and engaging with you guys every day. It honestly feels like an absolute gift.

Let’s get personal…

My wedding countdown is seriously on. I cannot believe how quickly it snuck up. On August 9th in Canmore, Riley and I will be saying our I dos in front of only our immediate family. Then, on August 11th, we are coming back to Edmonton to throw a huge party!

This process hasn’t been stressful at all. And I think it’s because we’re refusing to do stuff we don’t want to do. Wedding favors? No. Wedding cake? Nope. Formal anything? Also nope. I feel like we cut out so much of the stuff that would have made the experience stressful and I’m not regretting that decision whatsoever.

My advice for those who don’t know how they feel about weddings but want to be married… Have your wedding in 3-4 months. Make decisions quickly and don’t obsess over them. It’s not about your wedding, it’s about your relationship.

Here’s Biggie and Rio wearing their wedding bowties:

Other than the wedding, Riley and I have been enjoying the summer. We have been playing so much. We are going for walks, bike rides or playing basketball every night. We’re also making time for friends and alllll of the board/card games. I seriously feel like a little kid. It’s amazing. I know I wouldn’t be doing any of this if it wasn’t for Riley. He’s helping me ‘grow down,’ and it feels so nice. I often get asked if I’m stressed or overwhelmed with everything I’m juggling, and truthfully, no. I am making time to connect with myself, and play. It’s helping me keep it together.

Here’s me pretending ball is life:

Now, to my wellness routine…

Since this channel was mainly about wellness before, I thought I’d include a part of this update dedicated to my health journey. As I explained in a recent post, I have been taking things easy when it comes to working out and even eating well.

After the years I spent obsessing over how I looked because of this channel, I needed a break.

That being said, Riley and I recently got a personal trainer, and we work out 3 mornings a week. It’s been perfect. I’m also making an effort when it comes to my meals. I have been working out of a new co-working space and have been packing my lunches. One thing I am obsessed with right now… Coconut yogurt. It’s been my breakfast go-to. I was never a yogurt person, but I have been loving it as of lately, especially since it’s dairy free. While I’m using store-bought coconut yogurt, I have been loading it up with superfoods, which I get from my favorite brand Sunfood. I have loved sprinkling their hemp seeds and chia seeds on my yogurt every morning. Since we’ve been working out, I feel like my body’s demands for nutrients have been up. Since I’m super lazy with my nutrition, I want to get the most nutrients possible with the littlest amount of offer. These babies are rich in magnesium, which helps keep you pooping regularly (you all know I love poop talks), and helps you with anxiety! Also, fun fact about hemp seeds – one serving contains 36% protein, which is more protein than in meat so for all my vegetarians out there, if you don’t already have hemp seeds in your life, you need them NOW!

I often get asked where I get my superfoods from, and I order them all online from Sunfood. I like ordering from them because I find a lot of places in my city don’t have everything I need. But, with Sunfood, I can order everything at once and in high quantities so I don’t have to worry about running out! Plus, every product from them is of the highest quality and comes directly from sustainable farms throughout the world (how awesome is that?!) They’re organic, raw and non-GMO, which checks off all my boxes when looking for superfoods. I know sometimes health foods can be expensive, but I want everybody to take care of themselves so I got you guys a discount code! Use the code: SOPHIEGRAY to save 20% off your entire order!

Here’s my recipe for my superfood coconut yogurt, which is healthy for you and perfect for this summer heat because it’s light and refreshing. Plus, it’s just so damn tasty and versatile. You can top it with anything you want and it’ll still be delicious!

  • 1 cup of coconut yogurt (you can use any other dairy or non-dairy yogurt)
  • 1 tsp of maple syrup
  • Berries (but, you can use whatever fruit you want)
  • 2 tbsp Sunfood chia seeds

  • 2 tbsp Sunfood hemp seeds

Now, let’s get reflecting…

As I do in my weekly newsletter (which you should sign up for) I want to close this article with things I have been reflecting on lately.


That’s been on top of my mind recently. Our family dog died, and though you could say he was just a pet, it hit hard. While it was and still is heartbreaking, it’s had me thinking a lot about death. But, positively.

Our time here is limited. We literally have a countdown timer on our lives. Is this how YOU want to be spending your time? While I’m not saying that you should abandon all responsibilities, I do think you should take a serious look at your life. Are you making time for the things you enjoy? Are you making the impact in the world you want to? Are you appreciative of the time you have?

This reflection isn’t a call for a massive change, or maybe it could be for you. It’s not about doing or being more, it’s about being mindful of what is right in front of you. You don’t need to make massive changes to do that.

There you have it! My first monthly update on the blog. I’d love to hear what you thought of it in the comments below!