A few posts ago I shared my Superfood Hot Chocolate recipe. It’s a drink I have been making EVERY DAY. It’s not only delicious, but it’s also jam-packed with powerhouse ingredients, including collagen peptides.

After making the post, I got a butttttt load of questions about collagen. I also had a ton of people tell me how they had always wanted to try collagen. I understand why… it’s everywhere right now – and for a good reason. Collagen is the most abundant protein found in the body and responsible for numerous bodily functions. It takes care of our bones, muscles, skin, and tendons. It just holds the body together. It’s essential to… you know… live. Collagen is naturally produced in the body, but our bodies production declines as we age. Therefore, there has been some research that shows taking collagen supplements can help.

While there are numerous different benefits associated with taking collagen, here are the three reasons I include it in my diet:


It’s no new news to my Way of Gray community that my skin regularly breaks out. While I have learned to accept my skin as it is, I still want to take care of it. Not because I’m trying to fix it, but because I love my skin and want to provide it with the nutrients it needs to thrive. As collagen plays a huge role in skin, I’m taking a collagen supplement in hopes of providing my skin with some extra help. The cool thing about taking a collagen supplement is that it actually encourages the production of your own collagen in the long term.


I am obsessed with the length of my hair. My hair grows incredibly slow. When I was younger, I’d try all of the shampoos and growth serums available. These days I’m taking a relaxed approach and looking to support healthy hair growth. Collagen plays a significant role in renewing cells and maintaining the strength and elasticity of bones, joints, tendons, skin, eyes, internal organs, nails and HAIR. With the cold weather in Edmonton, I find my hair is incredibly dry. I hope that talking collagen peptides I can help my hair through our very long winter.


I have had a bunch of digestion related problems in my life. Seriously, I used to have diarrhea ten times a day. Too much information? Oh well, here we are. Digestive difficulties are more common than not, so someone’s got to talk about them! While my digestion has come a far way, I am continually looking for ways to further support my digestion. One of my digestion problems results in difficulty digesting protein which leads to a slew of problems. Amino acids (properties of collagen peptides) help line the digestive tract which helps alleviate discomfort caused by gastrointestinal conditions. At this point, I’m willing to experiment with different options that could lead to a healthier digestive system.

Mainly, the effectiveness of collagen comes down to the fact that it’s apart of our bodies natural makeup. By taking a collagen peptide supplement, you’re giving your body more of the stuff it uses to keep us happy and healthy.

Something super important I wanted to mention… When I first looked into the different kinds of collagen supplements, I was amazed to find out the lack of regulation that occurs with the product. There’s a problem with contamination, so the source you use is incredibly important. I chose Vital Proteins because they have a third party certification stating their products are contaminant free. Unfortunately, I don’t feel like people prioritize this as much as they should. If you decide to purchase Vital Proteins products you know there has been proper research done surrounding the product.

Another thing I love about Vital Proteins is the different types of products you can get. While collagen is the base, they mix things up by offering it in different kinds of mixes. My personal favorites are the Collagen Creamers (which go great in the hot chocolate recipe), Collagen Sports Greens and the unflavored Collagen Peptides.

I want to hear from you. Have you tried collagen? What do you think? Any favourite recipes to blend them into?!