How to track a car with gps for free?

How to track a car with gps for free?

In recent years, technology has made great strides: from your computer or smartphone, we can solve problems that once would have seemed unsolvable in a few moments and with disarming simplicity. Who in the course of their life has never forgotten where their car was parked? A few years ago, such a mishap would inevitably have forced us to wander around endless parking lots and floors that appear to be almost all the same for several tens of minutes.

Today, with a few clicks from our mobile phone equipped with gps, we can trace the position of our car in a few minutes. In this guide, we will provide some simple information on how to track a car with gps for free.

How to track a car with gps for free?

To allow our smartphone to locate our car, it is necessary to download applications that can memorize the position in which the car was left through the mobile phone’s GPS. One of these is “Car Locator.” To install it on your smartphone, just follow some simple steps. First of all, you need to download it from the digital store of your phone by entering the name of the application (Car Locator) in the search bar.

Use the application to locate the car with the smartphone

Once the application has been installed on the smartphone, click on the “Car Locator” icon on the screen and then on the “Record Parking” item. In a few seconds, through the GPS of the smartphone, the application will allow you to memorize the position of the car, thus allowing you to easily locate it when you return (to access the data, you have to reopen the app, click on “Locate Car,” choose the last stored position, press on “Find” and follow the arrows that indicate the path to follow to reach the car)

What are the applications that allow you to locate the car with your smartphone?

Another application that guarantees the same functions as the one that has just been described is ” Find my parked car.” It too is very simple to download (it is found in the digital store of your smartphone) and to use (it automatically connects to the mobile phone’s GPS) and allows us to reach the car in a few seconds.

Unlike the previous app, the latter has slightly different graphics: the car is symbolized on the screen by a pirate ship, reachable by following the appropriate map. Both the solutions are chosen do not involve additional costs. Still, they guarantee us the maximum efficiency to extricate ourselves in the immense car parks of the cities, whether they are outdoors or indoors, saving time and avoiding losing patience. Without forgetting, moreover.

Other solutions to locate the car with the smartphone

To locate the car through the mobile phone, you can opt for a solution other than the application. There are special contracts with car insurance companies that allow you to install a satellite system on your car that monitors the movements made by the car (this technology is very widespread to reconstruct the dynamics of an accident).

Those who decide to install such a device will also have price reductions on the cost of the insurance policy. Those who choose to follow this path will necessarily have to incur a greater waste of time because they will have to stipulate a contract. This operation is certainly more expensive than having to download an app on their phone. It remains a valid alternative.

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