Once upon a time, my little space on the internet was entirely dedicated towards physical health and wellbeing. While I strung messages of self-love throughout, it was primarily focused on the workouts I did and what I ate. Then, 2 years ago when I hit my own personal rock bottom, that all changed. I didn’t only take a huge step back from my channels, but my wellness routine as well.

I needed the space to connect with my body, away from the need for it to look a certain way.

The result? Well, my physical health isn’t front and center in my life anymore, and I like it that way. I’m able to better show up in my life for what really matter to me: my mental wellbeing, my relationship, my family and my friends.

That being said, after 2 years, I’m finally starting to come through the other side and settle into what my health routine looks like.

I know my transition left everyone with a lot of questions. I have been hesitant to share because it pains me to know how seriously people obsess over other people’s routines. So, I’m sharing this but with the message:

This is not for you to copy. This is not for you to replicate. This routine has been entirely customized by me FOR me. This routine actually had me gain 10-15 pounds which I am thrilled about because that is MY VERSION of healthy.

I could easily not share what my health routine looks like this. But, I think it contributes to a meaningful conversation. Everyone’s routine NEEDS to be different. And an imperfect routine may just be perfect for you.

So, here we go…

During my 2 years of figuring shit out, I actually didn’t work out. I would take a spin class here or there or drag myself into our basement gym for 20 minutes, but nothing consistent.

About a month or so ago, Riley and I hired a personal trainer. We both felt it was time to move our bodies, but without the need for specific results. I had reached a place where I wasn’t feeling physically healthy, so we now workout with a personal trainer 3 times a week.

Our workouts are light. While I sweat, there’s never sweat dripping off of me. I don’t even feel as though my heart rates gets super high.

It’s precisely what MY body needed.

Along with these workouts, Riley and I are making an effort to go for morning walks, walks to the puppy park, bike rides and play alllll of the basketball. I feel like we’re big kids. We purchased a basketball net and though it took a billion years to put together, it’s the absolute best. We’re growing down, and I’m loving every minute of it.

Our workouts don’t involve any direct cardio, so we’re using our activities as our cardio based movement. That being said, it’s super light but it’s a whole lot of fun, and that’s what’s important to me these days.

From a nutrition standpoint, I definitely enjoyed taking a more relaxed approach. Allllll of the cookies in my mouth. I can’t even begin to explain how rewarding it is to take it easy when it comes to what I eat.

Have you guys ever had Five Guys? I have, and I fucking love it.

I have ALWAYS loved food, but my health obsession took the fun out of food for me. I feel like I’m finally landing in a place where I have no guilt about what I’m eating. It feels so good.

That being said, I’m stilling making an effort to eat healthily. Riley and I are really working on limiting the amount that we eat out. I’m also making sure we always have whole food based cookies, muffins or treats around the house. I’m going to eat something sweet every day, so may as well have it be homemade and with wholesome ingredients.

Another thing I have stayed consistent at is my supplement routine. While I genuinely don’t play around with many supplements, there have been two that I have made sure to include on the regular: probiotics and collagen.

As I mentioned, we’re working out on a consistent schedule now, and with that, I love to have a smoothie consistently, too. I have been blending Vital Protein’s Sports Greens into my post-workout smoothie. You guys know I love chocolate, so it blends in perfectly and gives me that chocolate hit.

Andddd, to keep that chocolate train rolling, I’m still regularly having my Superfood Hot Chocolate drink with collagen peptides. While it’s been hella warm here lately, there’s been a lot of rain, and I make sure to take advantage of those days! You can check out that recipe by clicking here.



Honestly, I feel so good about where I have landed with my routine. It’s so freeing not having a brand that revolves around how you look. I can’t begin to explain how amazing this has been for my mental health.

I would love for you to explore how heavily your motivations to be healthy are tied to your physical appearance. Take the time to journal and connect. If you’re finding that you engage in a wellbeing routine strictly from a desire to look a certain way, explore taking a step back from that routine. Learn how to love yourself without a particular figure or label wellness gives you.

I promise your entire wellbeing will thank you for it.