Easy Ways to Toast Bread Without a Toaster

Easy Ways to Toast Bread Without a Toaster

This article is all about how to toast bread without a toaster, with as little effort as possible. Some of these alternatives to toasters will probably surprise youAs created by australian online casino real money 2022.


The most obvious way to make toast without a toaster is to use your stovetop. Grab any type of skillet (a cast-iron skillet works wonderfully well) and set it on medium heat (or medium-high heat). When it’s hot, place your slices of bread directly on it and cover, it to lock in the heat. Cook the toast for 2 minutes on each side. You may want to leave it for longer if you like your toast more on the deep-brown side. You don’t have to use any kind of cooking oil when following this method. However, spreading a pat of butter with a butter knife or a tablespoon of olive oil will add flavour to your toast. Plus, it will also evenly brown your bread.

Slow-Toasting in the Oven

You can also use your oven when you want to make toast. Preheat it to 350ºF and once it’s warmed up, place your bread on a grill rack or baking sheet pan in the middle rack. Make sure both the top and bottom heat sources are turned on. After about 5 minutes, flip each slice. After 5 more minutes, your toast will be ready to eat! Don’t forget your oven mitts to make sure you don’t get burned. The main downside of this method is that it takes significantly longer than the one we just covered—10 minutes versus 4 minutes. But this may not be a dealbreaker if you’re not in a rush. It’ll give you enough time to get a brew going in your home coffee maker!


If your oven has a broiler setting, you can use it to toast the bread relatively quickly. Turn the dial to start the broiler (on high, if your oven gives you the choice) and let preheat for about 5 minutes. Then, using your oven mitts, move the wire oven rack to the top-most position so that it’s as close to the broiler as possible. You’ll then want to place your bread on a baking sheet pan and slide it into the oven. After just one minute, you need to flip the bread and wait another minute or so for your bread to be toasted to perfection.

Take Down the Pancake Griddle

Do you already have a pancake griddle? If so, you could use it to toast up bread. The process is the same as on the stovetop: preheat the skillet and cook on each side for 2 minutes. It’s that simple. The main advantage of using this process is that you can toast many, many slices at the same time. If you’re feeding your family in the morning, this is a great method to try out. Want to know more about food, kitchen and online games, casino games online

Waffle Maker

If you have a waffle maker, you can also improvise and use it to toast bread. Again, preheat your waffle iron (medium heat is just fine), close it on your slices of bread, and let it cook for around 2 minutes. You can check on your toast to see if it needs to be cooked for longer or not. Sure, you’ll get a funny-shaped piece of toast, but it’s great for holding even more toppings!

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