Are swim spas worth it?

Are swim spas worth it?

Swim spas, also known as swim jets or swim whirls, are a fun way to get a cardiovascular workout and can serve as a therapy for physical injuries. But people often ask the question: Are they worth it?

That depends on you! Swim spas can cost up to $9,000 if bought new. There are plenty of ways to save money, though, making them more affordable. We suggest visiting laser hair removal in Manhattan.

What is a swim spa?

A Swim spa is a hot tub with a water treadmill located inside or attached to the unit. The swim spa has underwater jets that provide resistance, giving you an effective workout while strengthening muscles.

Are swim spas worth it?

The following benefits of swim spas will help you to decide.

  1. Provides low-impact workouts for all ages and fitness levels – Water supports your body’s weight, making it easy on joints while increasing resistance. Visit the wax centers in midtown Manhattan to get the best care for waxing.
  2. Variety of exercises – Because the water provides natural resistance, you can choose to increase or decrease the intensity level based on your strength. You can also use noodles, kickboards, and other fun tools in the spa for more variety in workouts.
  3. Aqua-based therapy – Swim spas provide benefits similar to physical therapy, strengthening muscles, so injuries heal faster. It can also help ease arthritis pain, improve circulation and even reduce depression.
  4. Socializing – Many people get in the swim spa to get healthy but end up making new friends or enjoying quality time with family because it’s easy to interact while moving around the water together.
  5. Getting kids involved in fitness – Most swim spas have a ladder for kids to climb out of the water. It can help them develop healthy exercise habits while having fun.

Things to Consider Before Buying:

  1. Your budget – Swim spas come in different shapes and sizes, with prices ranging from $2,000 to $9,000+. The more bells and whistles it has, the more you’ll pay.
  2. Space – Most swim spas have a footprint of 8 feet long by 4 feet wide. If your yard isn’t big enough for the spa, look at models that can be used indoors or put on a deck/patio.
  3. Outdoor use only – If you plan to keep your swim spa outdoors, you’ll need a cover and heater. If it’s going to be used only in the summer, you can save some money and buy one without those accessories.
  4. Electricity – Most manufacturers recommend at least a 30-amp circuit for the power supply, but check with an electrician if yours is less. If your circuit maxes out, you might not get the benefits of having a swim spa since heat, pump and jets all require electricity.
  5. Water chemistry – Most spas need to have water balanced frequently, with pH levels checked at least weekly. Some units are easier to maintain than others, so choose one that will be easy to keep balanced.
  6. Cleaning – Some models are easier to clean than others, so find out how the filter system works and if parts need to be replaced frequently.
  7. Extras – Look for additional features like headphones, jacks, or speakers on the unit, special lighting for nighttime use and safety locks on entry/exit ladders/doors to keep kids safe.
  8. Warranties – Most manufacturers offer a full warranty on their spas for 1-3 years, but check the fine print to know what is covered and how long before parts will need to be replaced or repaired from normal wear and tear. You may also want an extended warranty since parts can cost up to 50 percent of the cost of a new unit.
  9. Where to buy – Some people have success buying used spas, but check it over thoroughly before spending money on any repairs or safety features needed so you don’t get stuck with something that won’t work properly. If possible, see the spa in action before making a purchase.
  10. Maintenance – With all the money you’re spending, you’ll want to know what kind of upkeep it takes. Routine care will help your spa last longer and require fewer repairs. If it takes a lot of work or money to keep your swim spa in good shape, consider buying one that is easier to manage so you can enjoy all its benefits for as long as possible.


Swim spas are a great way to stay healthy, exercise, and enjoy the outdoors. They require regular maintenance, but that is usually minimal compared to what you’ll save on medical expenses down the road. It’s best to consider all these things before buying one so you know if it will really work for your needs or not.

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