It’s March, and I’m just getting around to talking about my “goals” for the year.

I know, right?

Was I too busy to write a piece for the New Year’s rush or did I just wake up from a three-month sleep? Neither, actually. I just don’t love the idea of setting goals.

I don’t love it because for a long time I used the buzz from the New Year to fuel my dislike for myself. I allowed my goals to hang over my head and enforce unkind beliefs I held about myself.

But, forget that. I’m all about intentional living these days. Here are my current intentions.

  1. Connect With Myself Every Day

I’m launching an app with the tagline ‘Live Life Connected’. So clearly, making time to connect with myself is incredibly important to me.

It’s important to me because it’s been my medicine over the past few years. It’s allowed me to work through the darkness in my mind and find my light.

Combining the power of guided breathing exercises and journaling has allowed me to return to myself – and making time for it daily has been absolutely crucial.

So, my intention for the next eighty years is to make time to slow down, breathe and connect pen to paper. It’s something I wish everyone did because I know it’s the key to accepting the shit out of yourself!

2. Connect More Face-To-Face & Less Screen-To-Screen

I obviously love social media. It has allowed me to connect with YOU – and I am so grateful for that. But, just like anything, I need to find balance with the amount I use it.

For that reason, I unfollowed all accounts on my main channel to stop my scrolling habits.

My intention is to be more focused on in-person relationships than mindlessly scrolling through others online lives. My intention is to spend time undistracted time with those around me, especially my little pumpkin of a niece, Elle.

This isn’t to say that I’m entirely against the scroll. I just think it’s important to take a break from browsing other people’s lives all the time.

Another way I’m enforcing this intention is by having social media free days. I like to take all of Sunday off from my phone. If I have to have my phone on me, I just opt to avoid opening my social media apps!

This has hugely helped me unwind and connect with myself and others!

3.  Keep Up With My Supplements

I’m not sure about you, but I have never been able to remember to take supplements routinely so I’m working on this too. Every day I take B-vitamins, fish oil, probiotics and my all-time favorite, collagen peptides.

You guys went absolutely crazy over my Superfood Hot Chocolate recipe, and that’s how I plan to get my fix of collagen every day!

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4. Honor My Body

I’ve been at war with my body for a long ass time. I’ve always put some kind of expectation on it to be more than it is.

It started with modeling when I was 16 but got worse when I began @WayofGray. My body always had to be thinner, tanner, stronger, or something more than what it was.

But now, I’m finally allowing it to be as it is.

I’m not currently on an exercise routine or overly watch what I eat. Of course, I reach for healthy foods, but I’m not restricting anything. I’m just allowing myself to be.

As easy as that sounds, it’s really not.

Honoring my body has involved a lot of time spent reminding myself that I am more than my body. I am Love. This intention is one I plan to stick with forevaaa.

5. Get Better at Communication

Answering emails isn’t really my thing. Neither is picking up the phone, texting back or messaging people….I’m on my phone so much for work and I quickly get overwhelmed so I tend to avoid it as much as possible.

But while taking a break is very necessary, this habit of mine has caused super essential things to get missed.

So my intention is to start focusing in on what matters, getting back to the critical stuff and setting boundaries with my phone.

I let people know that I take days off of my phone and that I don’t always get back right away. I feel this is a healthy way to set boundaries with myself, the people in my life, and technology too.  

6. Keep My Plants Alive

I absolutely LOVE buying new plants, but when it comes to taking care of them, I’ve never been the best. So another of my intentions is to take care of them and actually keep them alive!

After some reflection, I feel like this attitude speaks volumes of how I follow through with things in life. My intention is to make the effort, take care of them and even do some research if that’s what it takes. And you know, this is about much more than the plants themselves. It’s also about responsibility and mindfulness.

Since I’ve been making the effort and taking time to water them, I’ve realised just how many beautiful moments of mindfulness they gift me throughout the day!  

7. Learn

I was never a big fan of learning. High school wasn’t my thing, and it left a not-so-great taste in my mouth. Worst of all, it left me thinking I wasn’t smart or capable of thriving in a learning environment.

But things changed when I took my holistic nutrition diploma. It sparked a new outlook on education and I realised that I could do anything I set my mind to, and really thrive from the results.

Since then I’ve made a conscious effort to take courses here and there. But, I would go months without attending anything.

That’s why I’ve been loving my yoga teacher training. For one weekend a month, we’ve been gathering to take our yoga practice and teaching skills to the next level, and it’s been amazing to connect with like-minded individuals!

My next intention is to take French lessons!

Again, I feel like learning really helps with mindfulness. Your brain can’t help but be in the moment when you’re making time to learn something new!

8. Show Up To Commitments

I avoided making commitments for a long time because the thought of having to be somewhere evoked a lot of anxiety for me. However, it significantly conflicted with my desire to learn and connect with others, so this year, it’s my intention to change.

This is an incredibly important intention for me – and one that I’ll admittedly say I’m not the best at. I’ve had it at the top of my mind for the last year or so, so I’m pleased to be working on it at last.

I’m working on setting boundaries but also showing up to what I have committed to.

This intention has helped build an internal gentler discipline rooted in love opposed to lack.

Moving forward with my intentions…

Whatever happens with these intentions, whether I manage to connect with myself every day, connect with others, show up to my commitments or any of the rest, it doesn’t matter.

Because I accept the outcome. It doesn’t mean that I’ve failed.

I’m still deserving of love.

I’m really working on believing that.

There is so much external pressure to be more, do more, succeed at more or just not be you all together.

I’d rather be me. ‘Flaws’ and all.

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