8 Mobile Employee Apps to Enhance Productivity

8 Mobile Employee Apps to Enhance Productivity

The need for effective internal communication apps for employees has risen higher than ever— and digital technologies have become the main focus and go-to tool for most companies these days. The best employee apps incorporate data organization, AI technology, a mobile app, emergency alerts, and more features that help a company optimize its operations. Experts at casinoroo have helped you gather 8 mobile apps that can improve productivity.

  1. #Slack

Slack takes workplace messaging to a whole new level. It’s quicker than email, more organized than texting and offers more integrations than just about any other messaging platform. Slack is truly a tool that allows you to maximize productivity.

Slack is divided into threads that are specific to a singular topic, allowing you to start an ongoing conversation while staying on-task. Share files, tag collaborators, create checklists and more, all within a specific channel. The platform is totally customizable and integrates into virtually any other app or platform you might be using, including SpaceIQ!

  1. Trello

For those who absolutely need a visual task management system, Trello is a superb tool. It creates a visual workflow and process management system for projects, acting as both a to-do list and a tracking tool. Its cloud-based platform lets you work with collaborators and upload documents directly to each task, keeping everything keenly organized in one place.

As far as simple workplace apps go, Trello takes the cake! It’s extremely intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to pick up in just a few minutes, making it a great tool for businesses with higher staff churn rates or those that rely on contractors who come and go.

  1. 15Five

This handy app is heralded as one of the most user-friendly mobile employee apps because it opens a line of communication between managers and subordinates, as well as across teams. The app allows managers to set up weekly check-ins with employees and has a feature that lets workers ask questions or seek clarification from supervisors. It’s a smart way to boost employee engagement and productivity.

Fast-paced environments and jobsites with bigger teams benefit most from 15Five. This app helps everyone get the recognition they deserve for a job well done, while helping managers pinpoint areas where they could coach better performance.

  1. Skedulo

An app that’s made for teams operating across multiple jobsites, Skedulo is the answer to the 5W question: who, what, where, why and when? This workplace app allows managers to schedule their employees at a specific time and jobsite, complete with a job description. The shift is pushed to everyone on the team so every project is properly coordinated.

With features like maps and calendars built in, job information can also be exported or used in conjunction with other apps. Plus, data capture capabilities within the app allow workers to document the job as it’s being done, for recordkeeping and transparency purposes. You can also check out the best football apps for footy lovers.

  1. When I Work

Another scheduling app, When I Work is a device-native app—meaning it comes with all of the smartphone integrations you need to make it a core part of operations. Gig workers and contract employees will get the most mileage out of this app. It pushes schedules and changes via text or notification alert, in conjunction with time, date and location details.

  1. ClickUp!

ClickUp! was first an internal tool, but now as a way to making the world more productive. It’s goal is to have all work live in ClickUp – thereby making people more productive and giving back at least 20% of time to dedicate to other things. One app to replace them all. ClickUp! is used 200,000+ teams—and 3 million+ users.

  1. Evernote

Note taking is an underrated skill that benefits anyone immensely in the workplace. Whether it’s tracking the conversation in a meeting or jotting down ideas for a project, Evernote remains the leader for note taking workplace apps. And, it’s so simple to use that it can quickly become an integrated part of any office workplace, many users of US casino have this app installed.

  1. Zendesk

Every company has defined processes and practices. Unfortunately, not all of them have Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) documentation. Zendesk acts as a hub for all of your company’s Q&A needs and SOP documents. If anyone has a question, you can point them to Zendesk where the answer has already been archived. And, if it’s a brand-new query, you can easily create an entry for future reference.

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