7 tips to take care of children’s mental health

Children's mental health care

7 tips to take care of children’s mental health

While in a fictional world there are superheroes who have the power to fly, teleport, disappear, and carry extremely heavy objects… in the real world, there are others who dedicate themselves to giving hugs and smiles, feeding puppies, saying ” I love you” at the right time and to make the world a happier place: children.

Have you thought before that just as Batman faces hundreds of villains to make Gotham City a better place, your child also has various challenges? According to Dr. Mónica Marcela Reyes Cardozo, a childcare pediatrician who is a member of the DoctorAkí network of specialists, children today are also vulnerable to problems such as anxiety and depression, so it is important to take timely action. As part of Children’s Day (April 30) and for all those superheroes we have at home, we share seven keys to take care of the mental health of the little ones in the home. Let the adventure begin!

Look For New Activities

Children's mental health

Get up early, have breakfast, take virtual classes, do homework, go to sleep… At home, the days can be somewhat monotonous, so it is important to look for leisure activities that invite self-care. As for which? A rumba session with the children, an afternoon of cooking, a Saturday of paintings and watercolors, a movie night … According to Dr. Mónica Reyes there are many ideas, the key is to choose them according to your interests.

Looking for a different plan? The time has come to recreate the best superhero in the world (your son) thanks to this experience that we created for you and your family. You just have to fill in the name of your little one, the superpower that identifies him, his mission of him, and the color of his suit, and, ready, in a few minutes, you will be able to download a poster that will have your little one as the protagonist.

Special Meetings For Mental Health

Just as you may also miss spending time with grandparents or your friends, kids do, too. Organizing video call meetings with your loved ones, according to Yina Gómez, psychologist, and international speaker strengthens your social development. How about living up to the meeting with a coconut lemonade and some snacks?

The Importance Of Establishing Routines

Does your child not have a set time to do homework or go to bed? Mistake! For Dr. Jeison Fabián Palacios, academic director of the UNICERVANTES psychology program, managing routines is of vital importance during confinement, and this also applies to the little ones. “Having adequate feeding hours and pre-established activities reduces the feeling of anxiety and depression during the pandemic.” Assign them household chores according to their age and what they can do (make the bed, organize their toys, fold the clothes…), this will make them feel more productive and responsible.

It’s Time To Play To Take Care of Mental Health!

When was the last time you played with your children without looking at your cell phone? The game has multiple benefits for them such as: developing their creativity, gaining self-confidence, learning to respect rules… It’s good that you take the time to enjoy these benefits with them. Board games are a great option!

Stay Alert For Any Symptoms

Although most people under the age of 18 may be asymptomatic with coronavirus, it is important not to let our guard down and be vigilant for any signs. “In many cases, a mild cold, pharyngotonsillitis, and diarrhea can occur… but there are also situations in which, if there are comorbidities or low defenses, the signs can evolve into acute respiratory distress. Here it is important to consult the doctor immediately,” he explains.

Up, Down, Up, Down…

What do the Hulk, Spiderman, and Catwoman have in common? In addition to fighting crime, they all flee from a sedentary lifestyle. Try to get your child to do the same! How? Do physical activity at home or outdoors, as long as local authorities allow it. Exercising produces a feeling of pleasure, and happiness and has a natural analgesic effect. All for mental health!

Sincere Dialogues And From Love To Take Care Of Mental Health

Every day, whether from you, the media, or their friends, children hear about COVID-19 and other situations. Don’t let these topics become taboo and ask him what he understands about them and how he feels. Listen to it and solve your doubts with patience and love. For the psychologist, Fabián Palacios, the management of fluid, clear and calm communication allows to have more harmonious relationships, to be more supportive and empathetic human beings.

Children at home and out of danger!

Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Hulk… If you have a superhero at home, follow these tips and take care of your mental health. Finally, enjoy this weekend creating posters of your favorite characters with your children. At Seguros Bolívar we care about your well-being and that of your entire family.

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