7 Mountain Bike Gear Essentials to Get You Started

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7 Mountain Bike Gear Essentials to Get You Started

Before you start mountain biking, you’ll need a few mountain bike essentials. The good news though, is you don’t need to spend a lot of money upfront to get started. A moisture-wicking t-shirt, some old sneakers, a helmet, and a bike are all you really need.

But if you know you’ll be spending a lot of time shredding singletrack and working on your skills, you might be looking for a more complete list of essential mountain bike gear. To help you out, below casinoadvice.io have crafted a list of the must-have mountain bike gear items for newer riders.

  1. Spare tubes (Two)

Carrying two spare tubes is a must for long mountain bike rides. Double flats happen — usually a split second after you call out to your riding buddies “Hey! Watch this!” High-speed descents through rock gardens and jumps with flat run-outs are notorious for pinching tubes and tires.

When riding with a group, I carry one tube for my wheel size and, regardless of what bike I’m riding, also carry a 27.5in tube. Why? Because in a jam a ‘tweener’ tube works well enough for both 26in and 29er tires that I can help out a fellow mountain biker in need.

  1. Patch kit

Patch kits take up very little room in your pack and are a necessity when you’ve used your last tube. Glueless patches (shown here) are much faster to apply but don’t have the longevity of patches that use a vulcanizing agent.

  1. Tire pump

The first two items are pretty useless without a pump. A CO2 inflator and cartridges are optional. They will get you up and rolling quicker, but a mini pump will work every time.

  1. Multi-tool

Never leave home without a good multi-tool. I always opt for a multi-tool with a built-in chain tool, a T25 torx, flathead and Philips screwdrivers, and at least 2.5 3,4,5,6 and 8mm Allen keys, and the most common spoke tool sizes. The Crankbrothers multi-tool shown here is good; a multi-tool that also has a built in pair of pliers and wire cutters is even better. It is popular amongst users of online gambling platforms, as some of them own mountain bikes.

  1. Tire lever

Many multi-tools have a tire lever built into them, they’re generally not as useful, nor as well constructed, as standalone levers Josh Patterson / Immediate Media

  1. Shock pump

While modern air shocks are quite reliable, it’s still a good idea to pack a shock pump in case you develop a slow leak, or (more likely) if you find you need to fine-tune your suspension David Rome / Immediate Media

  1. Chain lube

If you’re likely to encounter multiple stream crossings, dusty trail conditions, or a chance of showers on your ride then pack a small bottle of chain lube.

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