When I turned to journaling, I had no option. After the FOP (flight of panic which I talk about here), I felt like my life was falling apart. I felt unsafe within my mind. It was a scary place. I was constantly monitoring my thoughts to ensure I wasn’t going to spiral into another panic attack.

It was exhausting.

Intuitively, I turned to journaling. I needed to do something about the obsessive thoughts floating around in my mind. I also wanted a tool to work through the trauma I had left unprocessed (talking about recognizing trauma on the podcast here). I knew I had a lot of work to do and heard that journaling was a helpful tool.

I had no idea it would change my world.

Initially, I was utilizing journaling to DiveThru my emotional and mental health. I used it to explore emotions and process my past. It was painful but dramatically improved my mental wellbeing. While I still turn to journaling to better understand my emotional/mental self, I have found it helpful in other areas of my life.

Here are the surprising things I turn to my journal for:

  1. Clarity Around Creative Pursuits

When I was creating DiveThru, my journaling was my best buddy. I have dozens (if not hundreds) of pages where I’m exploring what the app would become. There’s even a page with different names and logos drawn all over it.

My journal played a massive role in creating my journaling app, how hilarious.

I also turn to my journal when mapping out the SophieThinksThought podcast or what I’ll write on the blog.

I find that writing through my creative ideas help me organize my thoughts. It also provides a birds-eye view that helps me see the larger picture of whatever I’m working on.

When using journaling to help you get clarity around your creative pursuits, allow yourself to journal freely. Imagine journaling from your highest self. Allow creativity to flow through you!

  1. Working Through Arguments

I recently had a massive argument with someone close to me. It was over the phone, so I hung up harshly. I was incredibly upset. After the call, I stormed off to my bedroom for some space (i had been sitting with Riley on the couch), but I made sure to grab my journal so I could DiveThru.

I allowed myself to feel how I was feeling before diving into a reflective space. Our emotions want to be felt in the moment, not analyzed. Once I calmed down, I turned to my journal. I started by writing out my frustrations. It helped to move further out the emotions I was experiencing. Then, I wrote out the situation we were arguing about from my perceptive and the perceptive of the person I had the disagreement with.

By turning to my journal, I was able to calm myself down and also understand the situation better. I was then able to move forward with the individual from a reflective and more understanding space.

It was powerful.

When during to your journal to work through an argument, ensure you allow yourself to feel what you need to feel. Then, write out the experience from the person (or people) you had an argument with. Invite their awareness in and watch your response to the disagreement transform.

  1. Making Decisions

During the wedding planning process, I turned to my journal a lot. There were so many decisions that needed to be made. It was a lot. I found that writing everything out was incredibly helpful. Again, it helped me organize my thoughts and see the bigger picture.

I was able to write out all of the points of view about the decision that needed to be made, then turn to my Inner Therapist to better understand how I felt about the decision that needed to be made.

Weddings or other significant life decisions often involve a lot of opinions. It’s easy to be unsure of how you actually feel about the topic.

When using your journal to help you make decisions, explore writing out all of the different options then call in your highest self to guide the way.

  1. Gratitude On Gratitude

While gratitude journals may seem like a no-brainer, it wasn’t my intention to use my journal in this way when I got started. As I explore in episode 7 on the SophieThinksThoughts podcast, gratitude transformed my life. I love to explore the things I’m grateful for verbally, but I also found a powerful way to end my day was to write out the way Love showed up for me throughout the day. It turned into a beautiful way to recap my day from an appreciative lens.

When using your journal to add a dose of gratitude to your day, try journaling about the way Love showed up for you throughout your day.

  1. Strengthening My Spiritual Practice

I don’t often talk about my spiritual practice on my channels. I think religion/spirituality is a private thing. That being said, I found incorporating my spiritual practice into my daily journaling has been beautiful and powerful.

I find that taking the time to explore my practice in the written form has strengthened my relationship with spirituality.

When using your journal to strengthen your spiritual practice, use it in a way that feels best for you – whether that’s writing scriptures, journaling to your God/Gods (or whatever that is for you), or merely journaling about what your practice means to you.

Clearly, I’m a big fan of journaling. I created DiveThru because journaling genuinely changed my life. Within the app, we use the DiveThru method to explore all of the aspects explored above. You can learn more by clicking here.

I want to know. How has journaling impacted your life? Share below!